Hey There!

Are you curious to know how I got started with my design business?

Once Upon A Time…

Just kidding! 😂

OK. Here we go!

My very first website (back in 2015) was called…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


Like what kinda name is that. right?



I got ripped off 7 months in from starting this first website. I hired a marketing agency that would do the SEO for me for $700 (my very first investment).


Because of course, “Janet” thought that all she needed to make money online, was good SEO. And if they could handle that for her, then she would be RICH!😂

What a naive little girl I was…

Needless to say, I was only 20.

By the way…

This first business idea was about selling dropship clothes for Latina women (mainly cute mini dresses). (Hence the name: gorgeousbabee.com)

Ok, so you already know why that didn’t work!

Psst… I’ve never been into fashion anyways!🙃


To tell you the truth.

I got in it for the money. 😱

Although I didn’t make a penny from the website.

I learned from that first experience that, when you do something for the money, it just won’t work.

So I went, on for the next idea. Life coaching!

Ha! Now, think about it. 20 years old, living at my step-mothers house in a small room, still getting myself through college and bartending on weekends. Not, quite the expectation that you have for someone who’s gonna help you figure out your life right.

I created the website and got new business cards. Then shut it down 6 weeks later.


But here I am. 20 years old trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do for the rest of my life. Yes, I was already working on my career as a nurse. But like I said, that was my career. Not what I really wanted to do.

You see, since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be my own boss.

And loved the online world. I was in love with Myspace and I would spend hours glued to the computer, changing, and decorating my Myspace profile (If you’re a 90’s baby, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about).

My favorite class in high school was learning how to type.

But of course, like a good girl. I listened to my father when he told me that having a successful business was for “the lucky ones”. (Don’t get me wrong, my dad is not a bad person. He just didn’t know better, and this is what he truly believed.)


That I needed to go to school, get an education and be a nurse because that was where the money was. And that’s exactly what I went for.

I got into nursing school, then later realized that. I wasn’t much into cleaning someone else’s a**.

But heck I continued, (like a good girl) until GOD took me off that path by helping me fail the final test by 2 points.

And the community college that I went to, wouldn’t allow me to continue the nursing program. (THANK YOU JESUS!)

Yes, I called my dad crying! Because I was so worried to disappoint him. I was so dedicated to making him proud.

And then I learned the biggest lesson of my life!


Turned out that dad really didn’t care if I was a nurse or not.

He just wanted me to be happy and have a good education.

So I quickly changed my major, to health services administration and graduated 2 years later. (still not what I wanted to do.)


Ok, so this is not a short story after all.

But if you have read so far, then I got you interested in who I am.

So let me tell you.

After the life coach idea, I continued to have a few other ideas. And for each business idea that I wanted to create, I learned more and more about how to create websites.


I’m a self-taught web designer!

9 years into helping women all around the world create beautiful and strategic websites I developed the passion for coaching and pivoted my business to being a marketing coach.


I now, help my clients create a profitable business with my signature 1-1 program, The Profitable Business Program.

I stumbled on this path because is just what I have been meaning to do since I was a little girl.

I started off by thinking that I just wanted to make money online, but through the years, I have grown to learn that what I really wanted to do all along was help every woman I meet be independent bosses!

Today I run a profitable business that gives me the freedom to work in my PJ’s and from anywhere I want. I have a business that I’m truly passionate about and that allows me to spend quality time with my favorite people in the world.


I’m dedicated to helping you create an online presence that helps you create a bigger impact and bring in massive results for your business and life!

Ready for bigger impact and bigger results?

Fun Things About Me

I write, I sing (in the shower, of course) and I like to spend time reading interesting books. 

Am fascinated with Grey’s Anatomy and the Vampire Diaries on Netflix.  Idk, maybe I just like to watch bloody scenes. Plus, it helps because I work in the ER as well.

We’ll that’s it for now. If you’ll like to get to know me more. I’ll love to chat, just schedule a call with me here.



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