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is a creative web designer and business coach. She believes that creativity is the ultimate way to change the world. Janet has worked with many online service based businesses. She is known for creating high-end profitable websites for her clients. Janet loves community and has led a growing community for 6-figure coach, consultant and course creators. 

When Janet is not designing or coaching clients, she’s reading or spending quality time with her family.

“I have been designing websites for 7 years now. After creating various online business for myself and creating websites for each one of them. I fell in love with the designing aspects and the back-end challenges that come with building a website. So I started taking online classes and I taught my self-everything there is to know about creating websites and how to make them convert.”

Today, I help 6 figure coaches, consultants and course creators build websites that showcase them as credible experts and gets them more clients.


From Past Clients

“I loooooove it!”

Because of the quality of Janet’s work and professionalism. Now my website looks much more professional than before, so it contributes to my brand.


Tarot Reader

“Today I have more clarity on what I do, my website is 10x better than before.”

She was great at taking a lot of information and making it stand out to my target audience. I loved her sense of style!


Life Coach

I’ve never seen anyone more committed to excellence than Janet.  She is extremely organized, structured and has great attention to detail. Working with her has been a lifesaver! Not only is she awesome at what she does, but her passion to help others succeed also makes her work shine even brighter. ” 


Motivational Speaker

“What I like most about working with Janet is her attention to detail and her commitment to the projects she works on.”

I am very impressed by her organization, and her ability to anticipate any issues that may arise. Janet is great at creating solutions and generating ideas that help her clients succeed. She listens to her clients and provides services based on their needs and desires for their business. I’m so excited to have been able to work with such a fantastic woman.”


Sensual Energy Alchemyst

It was a great experience!”

Janet is great at helping business owners think about the way they are communicating with potential clients about their services. And her sense of design is top notch.

Lorena Abarr

Integrative Psychotherapist, See Lorena's Case Study

“Now, I’m able to sell my offerings very clearly and my audience is able to experience who I am through my website.”

Janet pays great attention to detail. She knows what she’s doing when creating a website that represents who I am and what I stand for.



“I love my new website. It feels like me and my energy is all over it.”

After working with Janet, I feel comfortable sending people to my website. I like updating my content because now it represents me and I am able to finally sell my products and services.


Body Work Therapist

Janet’s uber organizational skills coupled with her ‘take action’ attitude kept our four-person team moving forward.”

Janet used her creativity and resourcefulness to determine the best tech tools to quickly and efficiently get up a website and organize a plan.  Along with her checklists and step by step action plans, Janet always showed up in a positive and energetic way of making working with her easy and enjoyable.”


Design Strategist at Weller Smith Designs

“The investment is totally worth it. Janet does a great job of teaching you how to make your website profitable.”

Before working with Janet, I knew nothing about building a website and had no idea where to start. This was the first time I’ve hired someone to help me with my website. I decided to work with Janet because she’s very professional and organized. Also, her go-getter attitude showed me that she took her business seriously.

I loved the part where she taught me how to design a site that will attract not only views or followers but also ideal clients who were excited to work with me. The questions she asked helped me figure out the purpose of my site. Janet was absolutely on point with everything and very straightforward. I was also surprised at how in detailed she was.

Khadija Martin

Personal Stylist


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