Today I want to share with you a poem I wrote to my favorite painting.  Its called the The Bar at the Folies Bergere” by Edouard Monet, 1882.  I love this painting because although I blog, I work in a bar, serving drinks to people. And this painting really expresses what I feel inside. Enjoy…

The drinking,

The dancing,

The awkward smiles

Another day at work,

At the Folies Bergere

The wretchedness feeling,

Of crushed emotions inside

The sadness you see,

When you look deeply in my eyes

The intellectual perspective

Of two different realities,

Viewing yourself

As the man in the mirror,

You now denote

The reflection in the mirror

As a presumed intimacy

Between you and I.

An occasional moment

Between our eyes

Can say so much

Yet nothing at all

The bottles of wine,

Lovely flowers,

The fruits of wisdom

Observing your bodies

Swelling with alcohol

Draining in the feeling

Of pleasure and desire,

Inclination to stand by me

One more time, and serenely

Order the nights special

And so I ask,

What’s so special?

There’s nothing special

About an atmosphere

Filled with drunks

In a circus of flying judgments

A mixed state of mind,

Plain and simple

That’s all it is.

Just Another day at the

Folies Bergere

Janet Soriano


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