Marketing Intensive

The support you need to create a marketing plan that works for you. This is a 2-hour intensive to help you craft a profitable message for your website, marketing content, and other promotional materials.

YOU WANT TO KNOW THE “secret” OF an effective marketing plan?

Believe it or not, it’s your…




🗣 How it’s speaking to who you really want to speak to.

🤝 How’s it making a human to human connection.

👌 And how’s it’s guiding your ideal client to take the right course of action to work with you.


  • You dream of booking clients and making more sales.

  • You dream of being able to know what to talk about, so when you post content your ideal client gets it, connects with it, and takes action to work with you.

  • You wish to be able to improve the quality of the content that you put out to the world.

  • You dream of being excited about the impact that you’re making with the content that you’re creating.

  • You desire to know how to create relationships with people in the online space without the SLEAZE!


  • You feel stuck right now because you have no idea how to clearly state what you want to say, so they can buy. 

  • You lack clarity on how to articulate your value or position your offers in a way that gets them to say yes.

  • You have created some hidden assumptions that you’re not good at marketing so selling online feels hard and icky.

First, let me tell you that it’s


It’s possible to have a business that is profitable. 

But here’s the thing…

You can’t have a profitable business without knowing how to strategically market your business.

And the first step to an effective marketing plan is knowing what to say and how to say it, so they can buy!

AKA working on your messaging!

That’s why I created this Marketing Intensive,

So you can have the support you need to create a marketing plan that works for you.

This is a 2-hour intensive designed to help you craft a profitable message for your website and marketing content for your business, so you can be able to market and sell effectively.

I recommend you to book yourself for this marketing intensive if…

💥 you’re not attracting,

💥you’re not connecting and

💥you’re not converting your ideal client to work with you.

Because I promise that with my support, you’ll finally stop driving yourself in circles, and you’ll master the art of marketing, so you can have the profitable business you desire.

Details about the intensive:

  • 2-hour Marketing Intensive


  • Profitable Framework Worksheet


  • 7 days of email support & content editing


  • 30 min website audit recording

The investment is a STEAL!!!

Now just: $697 USD

(This is credited to The profitable Business Program if you decide to do the program within 7 days of having the intensive.)


But can you really help me create a marketing plan in 2-hours? 

I’m pretty sure that if you are asking yourself this question it is because you have been making this business thing much harder than it needs to be.

You’re probably…

  • Re-doing your website again!?
  • Focusing on the brand colors and fonts.
  • Creating another freebie?

I did this too, and honestly, most of my clients do too before they work with me.

I have found the most frustrating thing is when you spend so much time on the wrong things and then feel stressed because you’re not getting clients.

Let me help you do things differently!

Here’s what can happen when you finally learn how to

Market & sell to your people!

you're excited every week about creating content.

the quality of your content is elevated and speaks to the right people.

You're getting calls booked in your calendar

your messaging is clear and people are attracted to your work.




you're more consistent and more people are seeing and engaging with your content.

Hey, I’m Janet.

Your next-level marketing coach. With 7 years of marketing experience, I can assure you that no one can guide you through this journey better than me. I have been on the road of having an idea, putting it to action, then struggling to find clients, to a highly profitable web design business. Been there, done that. Today, I help moms and female entrepreneurs market and sell with ease, so they can have the profitable business that they desire.

Get started with an idea to profit strategy call.

Is this Marketing Intensive right for you? 

This is right for you if…

  • You have been feeling discouraged when it comes to creating your content, therefore not marketing consistently. 

  • People who come to your website are confused and leave right away, so conversions are low. 

  • your audience is not reacting to your content. Not clicking, commenting or sharing, or buying, etc. 


  • Your calendar is empty. 


  • You know your bottom line is hurting because you don’t know how to effectively get clients to say yes to you!

The Profitable Marketing Framework

Attract your ideal clients

We’ll work on nailing your messaging because we all know if you’re speaking to everyone you’re speaking to no one!

Connect with your ideal client

Reflecting your authentic personality, so you can understand the psychology behind why clients buy and how to use your personality to sell more and make more cash!!

Drive your clients to take action to work with you

Creating client pathways so we reduce the overwhelm and confusion and guide them directly to what you want them to do!  (You’d be surprised of how many entrepreneurs get this wrong!)


You’re simply too close!

You’re too close to your business to be able to see things from a different perspective on your own.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t learn and try it yourself.

But when you have the right support helping you see what you can’t see, you’ll know if you’re headed in the right direction. Therefore, giving you a massive confidence boost to go and post content with the unshakable belief that it will work, so it can actually work.

Here’s how to take that next step toward the profitable business you desire. 

Get started with an idea to profit strategy call.


This 5-Day CHALLENGE starts on NOV 29th - DEC 3RD at 12 noon EST.

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