I gotta tell you this…

If you’re interested in capturing the attention of Millennials in this fast paced era that we live in today, I promise you’re gonna love this brand new article of the day. 

Millennials are a great target market that today spend hours and hours searching for the new shining thing on the market. And in order to attract them you must understand them in a deeper level. 

Being a millennial myself, today I’ll be telling you some tips and tricks to attract and keep us engaged.

Am not gonna sugarcoat it.

Millennials love technology; so provide us with top notch user experience. 

Such as having,

  •  a website that’s easy and simple to use
  •  fast loading time
  •  a look and feel that’s hip and modern

Stay up to date on our social media game. 

How? When we sign up for your email newsletter make it a requirement to have them give you their social media accounts. Yes you can check your email but we spend more time in our social media accounts than in our inbox. 

Remember millennials like instant things. So give us instant updates on your new offer or blog.

Also having their personal accounts on hand can help you create more instant meaningful connections than the simple fact of them following you.

Tag people in your posts.

Why? Let’s say they are following you and you post something new that’s happening. Its likely that they are not online at the same time that you publish your post. Yet if you tag them on your post, it’s more like that they are going to see you, because you going to show up in the notifications bar.  Now here are some of the benefits of tagging someone on your event updates; 

  •  you’ll give your subscriber a sense that you remember them.
  •  You’ll be more recognizable
  •  you’ll have a bigger chance of getting some engagement 

Now, of course you won’t be tagging them on all updates because you’ll just come up as a spam. You only want to tag them on special and major updates.

Someone that has said yes and subcribed to your email list is well interested on updates. So make your responsibility to keep them posted on what’s new. Be consistent with your emails.

Integrate new ideas into your content.

Always look for ways to implement new ways we can challenge ourselves. Millennials can’t resist a little challenge and competition. So give it to us. 

Give them authentic experiences where they can get something that they could never get online. In the end, all we millennials really want is to be a part of something real and that is going to positively impact us.

I hope today’s article serves you best.

Now, I really wanna hear from you. Tell me in the comments below, are you a millennial? If so, what are somethings that you love?

Tell me your thoughts.

And don’t forget to share with your friends, they can also benefit from this millennial era.

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