Lately, I have noticed friends being overwhelmed by the uncertainty of not being good enough and just not feeling good about who they are. I can relate to this in so many ways. At times we can all feel overwhelmed and think that the whole world is just coming down on us.

But thats not true. I want to let you know that there are many ways that we can overcome this and have better quality of life. Without the overwhelming thoughts and fears that consume our lives.

Soon after, I started wondering and thinking about ways I can help you to with being overwhelmed, unhappy or just completely frustrated with the things that are happening in your life. I started jotting down all the ways to overcome this devil voice in our heads that can deteriorate the way we feel think and act towards the world around us.

Before I continue let me ask you one thing. Have you ever questioned yourself why 99% of the population in the world is not successful? & why only 1% is?

Well, let me answer that for you…

Believe it or not we have this other person in our minds that lives within us. Some call it the DEVIL. You can call it what ever you want to call it. The only truth is that this so called devil is the person responsible for the failures in our lives.

Remember its not only you. Everyone has a so called Devil.

But then if this other person is responsible then why is only 1% of the population successful? Don’t they have a Devil too? The answer is Yes! And here comes the But…

The difference between the 99% & the 1% is that the 1% knows that theres a battle between themselves and the devil. And they must do everything in their power to WIN and take control of their own lives.

Like I always say “You won’t need luck to get the life you desire”

Instead of luck you will need these 5 critical steps that I personally use to WIN the battle with my Devil and take control of my life.

Here it goes…

Step #1 – Recognize the Presence of the Devil

How can you fight with someone that you didn’t even know was there? The fact is that you have been fighting all your life with this evil voice and now is the time to recognize its existence. Let yourself be free from thinking that the voice in your head is you, because its not.

Step #2- Listen Carefully & Analyze the Voice

Now that you know that this devil is here. You need to acknowledge its voice and listen to what it has to say. But listen carefully without judgement or any type of feeling. This is the hardest part because when you listen to what its actually saying in that moment of overwhelmed frustration you might confuse it by thinking that its the real you that’s talking when its really not.

But once you learn how to catch this voice then boom you start gaining control of the situation.

Step #3 Punch the Devil in the Face with Positive Actions

You can do this in many different ways, you can do yoga, meditate, or exercise. Anything to give your own personal mind the energy to shut down the devil so you can start talking and start hearing your real voice. I personally write down 10 things that am grateful for every morning.

Step #4 – State What You Want & Demand Authority

Once your voice is back. Its time for you to demand authority and control of your life and control of the devil itself. You do this by being clear of how you want to feel at that exact moment and demanding the devil to feel what you want to feel.

Hold on, even though you might be wining the battle you cannot win the war without the last step. The devil will put on a heavy fight during your day, by making you think that its someone else fault that your day has been ruined.

The only way to get pass this is to do this last and important step.

Step #5 – Place Rules & Regulations

This is when you set yourself up for a winning battle and never loose this war with the devil ever again. Now that you set the terms and conditions on how you want to feel, you can now expand your power by making the affirmations that no matter what happens during the rest of the day. You will have the best day ever.

And  trust me you will.

Now I would love to hear from you. In the comments bellow tell me how you deal is your inner devil.
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Thank you so much for being here.


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