It’s been 4 weeks that I haven’t posted new content on my SM channel. Why? I needed a break from SM overall. So I took some time off, deleted all SM platforms on my phone, and went on vacation. Here’s a photo dump of how I spent my vacation days. 

Listen, If you talk to any marketing coach out there, they recommend that you always be marketing and stay consistent with your content to create trust with your audience. This is true, you do need to stay consistent with your marketing to see consistent results. 

But that doesn’t mean you need to be creating content 24/7 to have a profitable business. 

That’s why today I want to share with you the sales strategy that I have used to build a highly profitable business in the last 9 years without posting 24/7 on SM. 

I want to take you behind the scenes of the exact strategy I implemented to get a design client in my calendar, so you can see that you don’t have to be glued to your computer 24/7 to get the results you want in your business. 

Strategy # 1:  I believed that I could get the client even without posting on SM. The idea that I have to be glued to my computer creating content all the time truly burned me out. I don’t know about you but I also have a full-time job I grew my design business even while working on weekends so I never have the time to create endless amounts of content every week. Plus I’m a single mom with many other responsibilities.


I knew that for me to create the profitable business that I wanted I had to create a system to get leads without burning myself out in the process. The first step in this process was finding a way to attract leads to my business without needing to create content 24/7. 


So instead of a high volume of content output. I started Creating content that was powerful, compelling, and also evergreen for me to be able to repurpose. I have a system where I have all my content in one place. I call this a content bank, and whenever I need inspiration, or simply want to grab something I can post I take it from there. 

Of course, I add fresh new content from time to time. But I know that I can always grab a piece of content from there whenever I’m short on time.  

Strategy #2 – The next part of attracting leads is actively looking for leads on my own. Not just relying on content to get leads through the door. But putting in the work just 30 minutes a day just to engage in conversations and ask people to work with me. Of course, there is a way to do this without being salesy. I teach how you can do this in my online program The Profitable Designer. 


 I leveraged my existing relationships. Over the past 9 years, I have focused on creating relationships. Even though I haven’t opened a design spot for many months now, I have never stopped creating relationships. I have never stopped opening up conversations with people online. Even though I don’t post much, I still run my monthly meetups in NYC. In these meetups, I focus on creating new relationships and add them to my welcome sequence to keep on nurturing those relationships without having to be glued to my computer. 


If there is one thing that I know for sure with all my heart about business, it is that; The more relationships you create, the more your business grows!


Strategy #3– I contacted potential clients and told them I had a spot available. It took me 5 minutes to DM them and send them a voice note about how I would love to work with them. Of course, this client that paid me last week didn’t say yes to paying thousands of dollars for a web design project just because I sent them a quick DM. 


I have been creating a relationship with this client for years. He was always hesitant and didn’t buy from me until now. But I never gave up on nurturing the relationship and that was the key to getting a yes in less than 24 hours. 


To sum it up: I have been in this business long enough to know that what moves the needle forward is taking the right actions that will lead you to more clients. When you have a system that you can implement over and over again, becoming profitable becomes a dream come true. 


What I see most designers or DFY business owners do is stay stuck on the things that are not bringing in the clients and the cash. That’s why I have created this amazing 1-1 program that is designed to help you leverage your expertise, and create a customized system to get clients that work for you. 


I’m focused on helping 5 clients in the next 6-months, get booked and become profitable. If you are a designer or have a DFY business model you may be the right fit for this coaching experience. Let’s book a call to find out. 

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