Do you ever feel that all that you’re doing is not enough?

Do you ever feel that whatever you do in your business. Somehow you need to be doing more? 

Today I want to visit this concept around not being enough.

Some of you may bypass this topic and not really pay attention to it because it triggers you. 

I know it because I have done this for many years. And I was an expert at ignoring my mindset around “not being enough”.

It started when I was a young girl in middle school. 

I remember one time that I got a B in one of my classes and my father told me. “You need to do better. You should be getting A and A+.” 

Even though I knew I worked so hard to study and get the best grades. From what I can remember I was always striving to have the best grade. 

I still felt that it wasn’t enough. So I would work hard to study and try to get the best grades. So I could prove to my dad that I was enough. But I still felt deep inside that anything I did would ever be enough.

That one moment of not feeling ‘enough’ marked me in all areas of my life.


I went on to college, and got into nursing school. Always feeling behind and thinking that what I was learning wasn’t enough. I would study all night and weekends and still feel that I couldn’t grasp enough information to pass those tests with an A+. 

I would be in a relationship, over-pleasing and doing everything I can to just be beautiful enough, or loved enough.

And I would work my ass off, doing long-hour shifts in the hospital and still feel like never had enough money.  

It’s not until a few months ago that I started working on my “enoughness.” 

You see, I have always ignored it. And tried to get rid of this feeling of “not enough” by doing more, working more and striving for more.

Until I found myself getting myself into emotionally abusive relationships. Working 100 hours a week, burned out and tired. On the verge of anxiety and depression and not happy at all. That’s when I ought to seek another way. I hired a therapist and started working on my own mental health.

Today, I’m still working on my mindset around not feeling enough. But my first step to getting where I am today. Was simply just realizing how it has always come up. And accepting that it’s not coming up to just trigger or bother me, but so I can see it and transcend it. 

Awareness is one of the biggest pieces in business that people never talk about. Being aware of the present moment can set you up for so much success.

Awareness has helped shift my perspectives and transcend the overwhelming thoughts of not being enough.

Today, what I do to attract clients is enough. The amount of time I dedicate to my business is enough. And the results I get in my business are enough. 

It wasn’t always like this…

It takes a lot of work to finally stop ignoring the thing under the thing. And be brutally honest with yourself so you can know that there is definitely a light switch near you. And it’s up to you to turn that light on for yourself. 

Tell me in the comments, do you struggle around not feeling that you’re doing enough in your life and business to get the results you want? 

If so, I invite you to create more self-awareness of this present moment and see the thing that’s been holding you back for what it is. Most often, it’s something that has come up in your life over and over again. 

It’s time to stop ignoring it and look at it, so you can transcend it. 

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