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3 months of  VIP 1-1 coaching to go from idea to action and help you up-level your marketing game, so that you can have a profitable business.

Let’s Do it!

Your Current Reality…

  • You have no idea how or where to find clients.

  • And even if you knew where to find your clients you wouldn’t know how to market to them.

  • You don’t have a clear direction on what to focus on right now therefore your marketing is all over the place.

  • You’ve been writing countless blogs and yet you feel like you’re not one step closer to your potential clients finding them, let alone reading them. 

  • You are struggling to believe 100% in your abilities to make your business a success, market it with confidence, and land paying clients


  • You’re doubting every action you take and not fully owning your expertise, therefore not showing up consistently with your marketing and not making the money you desire.
The profitable business Program


Before I met Janet, I had the idea of starting my business for two years. I just didn’t know what I needed to do to go from an idea to a profitable business. I was struggling to take the necessary steps to move forward. She made every step so simple and easy to tackle!

Janet helped me launch my online program and book my very first coaching client in less than 3 months! 

Now, I feel more confident in doing social media posts to attract and connect to possible clients. It’s no longer a scary thing to do.

Let’s get you out of your own way!

Let me ask you a couple of questions…

What if your marketing was so simple that you executed it without a doubt. 

What if you knew exactly how and where to find your clients? 

What if you knew exactly how to convert those people into lifelong clients? 

How much will your business and life change? 

I bet a lot. 

That’s exactly why I created The Profitable Business Program. 

Because it’s possible. It was possible for me and it can be possible for you. 

I know firsthand that the struggle is real. Especially when you’re working two jobs, taking care of your kids, and trying to keep the house organized, throw on top of the endless things-to-do list to keep your business floating. 

I did it, and so can you. 

I know you have been running around in circles…

Trying to find the perfect strategy that’s going to bring in clients and money.

You’re overwhelmed, and quite frankly tired of all the BS going around the online marketing industry.

Uhh, I’m totally with you! I’m tired of it myself.

But here’s the truth, that you probably didn’t want to hear. 

You’re the one getting in your own way. Yup.

You’re the one making the daily choices to stay confused, scattered, and simply not taking action on your marketing to get the results you want. 

The good news…

You’re the only one that can change your life and your business around. 

You can choose to get the support you need to be able to have and execute a simple marketing plan that will get you the results you want.

With my support, you’ll be able to gain clarity on what to do, how to do it, and how to follow through on your marketing plan, so you can have the profitable business you desire.  

Or you can choose to stay stagnant where you are right now and try to figure all this out on your own. Yet, this is not my recommendation when I know so much more is possible for you!

Again, you have the power here. And that’s what The Profitable Business Program is all about!       

The profitable business Program

It’s a 6-month coaching program to help you go from an idea to a highly profitable business. So you can take the power back on your life.

Janet is a GREAT coach and really helped bring me clarity on where I need to put my time and energy. Also, she geared our coaching calls specifically toward me and my situation and priorities.

– Lauren Collado

Hi there, I’m Janet.


Hi, I’m Janet. Your next-level marketing coach. With 7 years of marketing experience, I can assure you that no one can guide you through this journey better than me. I have shifted from having an idea, putting it to action, then struggling to find clients, to a highly profitable web design business. Been there, done that. Today, I help moms and female entrepreneurs market and sell with ease, so they can have the profitable business that they desire.

Here’s how it’s going down…

We’ll work together for six months, we’ll deep dive, plan, execute and mentally rise together to help you get all those ideas in your head into a simplified and actionable marketing plan, so you can have the profitable business you desire. 

We’ll work on implementing my Profitable Business Framework. Which is designed to help you simplify and clarify your marketing efforts to get clients again and again.

We’ll work on your messaging and how you’ll communicate with your clients so they are the ones asking to work with you!

The 1-1 support provided in this program is designed to help you gain the confidence you need to step in your role as a credible expert in your field and market your business in a way that feels good to you. 

I’m not here to show you a cookie-cutter plan. I know that shit doesn’t work.

What I am here to do…

Is to help you have a simplified action plan that you can execute with ease.  So you can market and sell with confidence and finally have a profitable business that you desire.



Together we’ll do the work to…

  • Build your confidence and self-trust so that you can show up as a credible expert in your business, and market without a doubt. 

  • Get out of your own way so that you can market more consistently, therefore, get more consistent clients!

  • Build credibility around your offers so that people are eager to buy your product and services.

  • Stop running around in circles and get the accountability you need to stick to a plan and see it through so that you’re actually profitable.

  • Learn to book clients on repeat so you can have a profitable business that improves your quality of life.

Work With Me

Imagine what’s possible

If you had…

  • a clear and simplified marketing plan that you could execute without a doubt
  • confidence in your ability to show up and market to your audience
  • a constant flow of clients
  • the income to provide and take care of your family 
  • have the freedom to work the hours you desire in your business, without the pressure of a 9-5.
Imagine what’s possible

If your business was profitable…

Maybe you’ll take on that 3-week vacation to Europe. 

Or you’ll finally pay down that debt that has you stressed out. 

Or heck, you’ll probably put a down payment on a new house in the suburbs. 

I feel more confident and know exactly what to do to get clients now!  Janet is a business coach and can help you focus, and get results!

– Maria Kravchuk

Program Details

Here’s what’s included in The Profitable Business Program:

  • 30 min On-boarding Call
  • 90 min Profitable Marketing Intensive
  • 12 – 45 min calls
  • Weekly Priority Support via Slack
  • Hands-on content weekly content feedback.


The investment for this high-level coaching program starts at USD $950 per month for 3 months.

Pay in full option includes a second 90 min intensive bonus at the end of our 3-month coaching program.

IMPORTANT: There are 4 scholarship opportunities; 2 full scholarships and 2 half-scholarships. If chosen for a half-scholarship the investment required to pay is USD $475 per month for 3 months. Deadline for scholarship opportunity is Jan 19, 2024.

Why this program

Why invest in my 1-1 coaching support instead of another marketing program?

  • With my coaching, you get a new perspective and customized look into exactly how to execute and position your marketing, so people know what you do and are excited to work with you. 


  • You’ll get a deeper level of support that is not provided in a group or digital environment, you’ll be able to tackle and solve the right problems instead of entering a guessing game.


  • You’ll be able to save time because you won’t be scattered doing 20 different things but 1-2 things that will increase your creative output and give you more results because you’ll have the leverage to know what to focus on. 


  • You’ll save money because you’ll no longer have the need to find the “secret thing” that most online programs sell you on. Instead, you’ll know exactly what works for you and how to leverage that. 

    • You’ll have specific feedback on your website copy, marketing content, and headlines, so you can make tweaks without having to burn everything to the ground.


    • You’ll feel massive energy boosts to keep going even when the results aren’t there because you’ll have a partner cheering you up during the tough times and celebrating those victories as well.


    • You’ll gain self-trust and certainty that having a profitable business is possible for you because you are showing up for your business like never before and seeing the results like never before. 


    • You’ll see results 5x faster than being on your own because you’ll have the support you need when things don’t go as planned, so you’ll be able to redirect your energy, and get back on track faster than on your own.

    “Marketing is the solution to having the profitable business you want”

    – Janet Soriano

    Listen… I can go on and on about why you should join me in The Profitable Business Program. But the real question that you may have on your mind is

    “why should I work with you, Janet?”

    Well because I know this marketing game in and out. I have been there where you are. Confused, scattered, and all over the place. And I have been on the “secret thing” hamster wheel only to find out that the solution to all my money problems was marketing!

    It didn’t matter how much I learned, read, or podcasts I listened to about growing my business. If I never did my part in executing my marketing plan my life and business would’ve stayed the same, stagnant and broke. 

    As a mom, wife, and full-time employee I knew I needed to find a way to grow my business with more ease in simplicity. And that’s when I came up with the Profitable Business Framework. It’s a 3 step framework that I now use to simplify my marketing efforts and get clients again and again. 

    Play the video below to learn more about the profitable business framework.

    The Profitable

    Business Framework


    I have gained the confidence I need to keep moving the needle forward!

    Even a quick session with Janet can bring about a clarity breakthrough!

    Dronile Hiraldo



    a steady flow of leads.

    The first step to having to a profitable business is your ablity to attract a steady flow of leads that are insterested in what you have to offer. Let’s jsut say this. No leads – No Business.



    with your leads in a meaningful way.

    Relationships are the things that are going to sky rocket your business. But only when you do it in a genuine way. In my business, I have a rule. No cold pitching allowed. At the end, it really does not get you sustainable results. We do things differently around here, and it starts by creating meaningful connections with the leads that you attract.


    Drive action

    towards working with you.

    We don’t manipulate or persuade anyone to buy our products or services. It’s just not how we roll. Instead, we genuinely invite them to take action towards working with us. Because we deeply believe we can help them get the transformation that they’re looking for.



    Janet is a lovely, caring, professional coach, that meets you where you’re at and guides you to the next steps. Definitely recommend connecting with her if you’re struggling to get clients.

    – Diane Clemenceau

    I feel really good and confident about the direction I have been planning on taking my business. After our coaching calls I feel that my ideas have been validated and I just need to take action and stop worrying about all the details.

    Janet is a great listener who gives thoughtful and actionable advice. She helps take your ideas and peel back the layers of the onion to uncover more.

    – Laura Kamark

    I was really encouraged to make my business into something that was different from the world full of graphic design businesses. I wasn’t concrete in who I wanted to work with even though I thought I had it figured out. I was really happy to solidify some of my talking points to clients and who to really approach when looking for customers for my business.

    – Caitlin Shogren

    Still wondering if this program is right for you?

    I can’t help you create a profitable business if you’re not willing to surrender and believe that you can do this. Trust. Trust in yourself, trust in the process is what will help me help you. 

    But you also need to meet the following requirements:

    • Must be committed 100% to the success of your biz and do the work

    • Must be clear on what direction and focus you want to go

    • Must ready to take decisive action

    • Must be willing to take action even when it feels scary to do so


    This 5-Day CHALLENGE starts on NOV 29th - DEC 3RD at 12 noon EST.

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