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Workbooks included in this Bonus kit

What To Do Now…

Pick one workbook to work on first

Download or print workbook

Block time in your calendar to work on workbook

Get to work

Let’s work together!

 If you feel overwhelmed by doing this work on your own, it’s not too late to reach and get more help.

I would love to invite you to go on a creative journey with me to create a website that converts.

The Creative Journey Package is a done-for-you high-end design where I take all the web design tasks off your plate. So you can be able to focus on the work you love and have your website up and running in 6 weeks.

We’ll work together to help you create a website that attracts, connects and drives action. So you can finally get the clients you been dreaming of and without the overwhelm of creating a website on your own.

If you’d like to know more details of The Creative Journey Package click here and schedule a coffee chat.

And if you are ready to get started then let me know at info@janetsoriano.com and I’ll send you the proposal and the next steps to book your 90 min strategy session with me.


This 5-Day CHALLENGE starts on NOV 29th - DEC 3RD at 12 noon EST.

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