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I was struggling with maintaining a website that was taking a lot of time from me to look good and professional, with no good results.

There are two reasons why I started working with Janet. First, I saw the quality of Janet’s work on her website and I noticed that her work was detail oriented and with a good sense of business and aesthetics.

And the second one was after we spoke the first time when I saw that she understood my needs very well and also had a lot of clarity in how to help me improve my situation.

This was the first time I hired a designer. So I was feeling nervous.

My favorite part was after the first feedback. When I saw everything coming out so nice and beautiful, it was exciting. And I really enjoyed working with her because of the great client process she has in place.

She’s very proactive, resourceful and easy to communicate with.

I had an AHA! the moment when we spoke after the first feedback and she explained to me the fonts and style decisions she made, that at first, they weren’t what I was expecting – because I was still thinking with the old mindset. So when she explained to me her decision and the research you did to find the best fonts and style to match my aims, everything was clear.

I know that website design is a complex project, so it’s common that difficulties arise during the process. But in this case, I’d say that it was way much easier than I was prepared for. We didn’t have any special thing to work out and I think that the process she has made possible the best understanding for working together.

It is very well thought out!

“I loooooove it!”

Now my website looks much more professional than before, so it contributes to my brand.

I feel very confident with it, so now I want to feed it with new information and bring more people to it.

I’m sure it will help me to sell more because the information now is presented in a clear and strategic way!

“I loooooove it!”

I’d recommend them 100% to work with you, because of the quality of your work and your professionalism.

Now my website looks much more professional than before, so it contributes to my brand.

Francisca Jara

Tarot Reader




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