Prosperity Healing – Full Website Project

I knew a website was important to have for branding and visibility purposes. I wanted to have one, so started creating one on my own, when I quickly realized that it’s not my strong suite and I spent countless hours doing nothing productive. I felt frustrated.

This is the first time I hired someone to help me create my WordPress website. I decided to work with Janet because she has a great sense of style and is able to hear what I want and make it pop up on the page.

While working with Janet I liked that I had an input and joy opinion was taken into consideration. I also liked that she is open to ask questions and get to know my needs and she was totally ok if I didn’t like something or wanted to change it half way through.

I realized that creating a website is really not that hard. Before I was stuck in overwhelm, not knowing how to even get started. She was great at teaching me how to do simple things on my own which feels super empowering.

If you are like me and have clarity in you business but are not as technologically advanced or maybe just don’t have time to spend hours on your website, I’d hire Janet. She is truly a life saver. I’d probably still be picking out fonts and cropping text.

“I love my new website. It feels like me and my energy is all over it.”

After working with Janet, I feel comfortable sending people to my website. I like updating my content because now it represents me and I am able to finally sell my products and services.

“I love my new website. It feels like me and my energy is all over it.”

Petya Histrova

Body Work Therapist, Prosperity Healing


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