Let’s be honest…

The current website that you have is not serving you anymore…

In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s driving clients away!

But that’s not the only problem you have…

Creating Websites Is Not your

Zone of Genius

You probably have an idea of how your site should look and feel, but you don’t know how to make it come to life.

You’ve tried doing it by yourself, but nothing comes out the way you want it.

You see all these online business owners with beautiful websites (and you secretly wish your website had just a glimpse of what they have).

So you end up feeling stuck, overwhelmed and behind.

You even start believing that your business will never grow and that you might be wasting your time.

But there’s also this deep part of you that believes deeply in this dream, so you’re not willing to quit just yet

& That’s   Ok!

I get it!

And I also know how hard it is to be spending so much time and effort on creating your website and still not feel proud of how it looks or how effective it can be to attracting your ideal clients.

Know this…

I believe in you.

I believe in your creative genius.

That’s why when you work with me, you just don’t get a website.

When you work with me, we go on a Creative Journey together. 😎

You me & The

Creative Journey

We start off with a 2-hour Profitable Messaging Session, where we discuss your challenges, brainstorm your message and redefine your brand together.

We work through the discomfort of niching and pricing for profit.

We work on what you need to have to attract, connect and drive action on your website.

We also focus on your bigger business perspective and what your brand will stand for.

What are the goals that you’ll like to reach and why.

And we set up an action plan to create a website that’s unique to you, and also speaks and connects effectively with your ideal client.

Then we get into action.🙌

We start working on your content, your photos, your brand look and feel. 💃

We brainstorm, make drafts and get our hands dirty with writing content that connects and stays on message.

We add systems for better user experience and we map out exactly how we’ll drive our visitors to take action. 👌

We work on challenging each other, by giving each other constructive feedback.

When we got all that done.

We put it all together to design a website that converts. Yes That converts! Because I’m all about helping you get more clients!

Now Imagine how much easier it would be if you had a website that


You would stop comparing yourself to others because your website is exactly how you want it to be

Your business would grow and you finally started to do the work you so dreamt about doing

You would be able to demand higher price tags for your services and make more money!

The Creative Journey Details

1. Discovery Call

Before we both decide to work together, we’ll get on a call. Discuss your desires and goals for your new website and we’ll also figure out if we have chemistry.

2. The Welcome Kit

Once you have booked yourself in my calendar. I’ll be sending you The Welcome Kit. Inside you’ll find all your project details and homework to set up your content before we start.

3. The Profitable Messaging Session

We’ll talk strategy and design. Our call will take place through zoom. We’ll also discuss project deadlines and next steps.

4. I'll Design Your high-end Website

Chill, relax and go for a walk while your website is being designed. In two to three weeks I’ll design your fully responsive wordpress website. Don’t worry you’ll know exactly when I complete every part of your website via my project management tool; Asana.


5. You'll Review & Make Changes

You’ll get 3 revisions. So I’ll give you 3 days to give me feedback and what you want to be edited. You can request to start from scratch or do minor edits such as color, fonts change or headline copy edits etc. At the end I promise that you’ll love it!

6. Ready, Set, Launch!

After final edits are made I’ll be testing your site for broken links and mobile responsiveness across all browsers. If all is well then we’ll be ready to launch!

But what happens after the Creative Journey is over?

I believe that you should have full control over your website to be able to make all the changes that you need to make on your own.

That’s why at the end of our journey I’ll give you a

Tech Training Bonus


Need help with managing the back-end after your site is up & running?

I   got  you!

I’ll work side by side on your new product launches, website revamp and anything else you’re creative genius wants to do. I’ll deal with the back-end so you can focus on selling, and doing what you love. 

Looking for a designer that gets you?

Client  Love

“I loooooove it!”

Because of the quality of Janet’s work and professionalism. Now my website looks much more professional than before, so it contributes to my brand.


Tarot Reader

“Today I have more clarity on what I do, my website is 10x better than before.”

She was great at taking a lot of information and making it stand out to my target audience. I loved her sense of style!


Life Coach

I’ve never seen anyone more committed to excellence than Janet.  She is extremely organized, structured and has great attention to detail. Working with her has been a lifesaver! Not only is she awesome at what she does, but her passion to help others succeed also makes her work shine even brighter. ” 


Motivational Speaker

“What I like most about working with Janet is her attention to detail and her commitment to the projects she works on.”

I am very impressed by her organization, and her ability to anticipate any issues that may arise. Janet is great at creating solutions and generating ideas that help her clients succeed. She listens to her clients and provides services based on their needs and desires for their business. I’m so excited to have been able to work with such a fantastic woman.”


Sensual Energy Alchemyst

It was a great experience!”

Janet is great at helping business owners think about the way they are communicating with potential clients about their services. And her sense of design is top notch.

Lorena Abarr

Integrative Psychotherapist, See Lorena's Case Study

“Now, I’m able to sell my offerings very clearly and my audience is able to experience who I am through my website.”

Janet pays great attention to detail. She knows what she’s doing when creating a website that represents who I am and what I stand for.



“I love my new website. It feels like me and my energy is all over it.”

After working with Janet, I feel comfortable sending people to my website. I like updating my content because now it represents me and I am able to finally sell my products and services.


Body Work Therapist

Janet’s uber organizational skills coupled with her ‘take action’ attitude kept our four-person team moving forward.”

Janet used her creativity and resourcefulness to determine the best tech tools to quickly and efficiently get up a website and organize a plan.  Along with her checklists and step by step action plans, Janet always showed up in a positive and energetic way of making working with her easy and enjoyable.”


Design Strategist at Weller Smith Designs

“The investment is totally worth it. Janet does a great job of teaching you how to make your website profitable.”

Before working with Janet, I knew nothing about building a website and had no idea where to start. This was the first time I’ve hired someone to help me with my website. I decided to work with Janet because she’s very professional and organized. Also, her go-getter attitude showed me that she took her business seriously.

I loved the part where she taught me how to design a site that will attract not only views or followers but also ideal clients who were excited to work with me. The questions she asked helped me figure out the purpose of my site. Janet was absolutely on point with everything and very straightforward. I was also surprised at how in detailed she was.

Khadija Martin

Personal Stylist

Frequently   Asked   Questions

How much does it cost to work with you?

In order to give you an exact price/quote I would first need to know what your needs are. Please book a discovery call here to discuss pricing and more details about working together. But just to give you an idea price ranges from 2.5k – 6k.

How long for my website to be done?

5-6 weeks. This also depends on your ability to turn in homework on time.

Whos is this for?

This is for you if designing a website is not your zone of genius and you don’t wont to spend your time trying to figure it all out on your own. Instead you want an experienced designer to do it for you!

What Can I expect from this Profitable Messaging Session

You can expect for me to answer all your questions related to your messaging, brand asthetics and overall website perspectives. Expect to come out of this session feeling confident because you have a clear message and action plan to make changes to your website, in order to sell mre effectively online.

Do you take payment plans?

Yes. 50% to book you in my calendar & 50% 4 weeks after your contract is signed.

Do you give refunds?

If you cancel your scheduled session 48 hours before time. I will provide full refund. I wouldn’t want to take your money if I haven’t served you the best I can.

But if we are already in the middle of our project, or finished the project. I will not provide a refund.

How do I cancel a scheduled session

You can email me at info@janetsoriano.com


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