Hello my friend.

If you ever wondered what you need to have before hiring me or any other designer, then this is the post for you. Today I’ll give you 12 things that you must do before I can design your website.

1. Get Clear On Your Brand Message and Why You’re In Business.

This is the core foundation to everything that will define who you are and what you do. Although everyone in business will say this is obvious, there’s a lot of brands that don’t do this core work. Therefore end up being ignored by their ideal clients. If you need some clarity on your branding message get a look at my FREE E-book on how to stand out and get noticed.

2. Get Clear On Your Service and Process Delivery.

This means that your know exactly how your business makes money and how you take your client through your services or product. By knowing what you offer, how people can buy from you and what you do after they buy from you is something that will make the design process run very smoothly.

3. Make a list of all plugins and systems that you want on your site. 

This will make it easier for your designer to know exactly what you want. So she won’t be guessing your preferences or worse, create a system for you that you’ll end up hating at the end. Start surfing the web for systems that will fit your business and tell your designer by giving him/her that list.

4. Buy the domain and hosting for your site. 

I recommend all my clients to use Bluehost.com for both domain and hosting. It’s an easy one click process to add WordPress and their customer service specialist are very knowledgeable. If you have any problem with your site they’ll fix it right away.

5. Book a photo shoot with your photographer.

Say Cheeesseee! Yes before you even think about hiring a designer you must make sure you have your photos ready to publish or at least you have an established date for your photo shoot. Make sure your photographer gives you at least 10 photos that are high quality and well-edited.

6. Search for 3 Websites That Stand Out To You.

Now, don’t get hung up in the comparison trap here. No, no, no my friend. Just search the web and look for the layout and style that stands out to you. Don’t look at pictures words or colors. Just layout and style of the site. This will give your designer a look at how you want your style and layout to be. It also doesn’t mean that your designer will end up creating a website just like those you like. But they’ll get a glimpse of your taste.

7. Create a Pinterest Board.

Look for cities, quotes, colors, mood boards, clothes, photography etc. Any style that stands out to you and shows out your type of style and what you your brand to feel like. Think what do you want your customers to feel when they land on your site?

8. Figure out what would be your main pages and your subpages.

For example your main pages would be the pages that would be linked in your main menu. And your subpages would be links that would take your client through the buying process. This would give your designer the idea of how many pages they would need to design for you.

9. Write copy for all your main pages. For example…

A. Home Page

B. Service Page

C. About Me Page

10. Collect Testimonials

If you have worked with clients in the past make sure you have their testimonial saved up.  The more testimonials you have the better. If you’re just starting out, then don’t worry just start working with people even if it’s for free to get some social proof coming your way.

11. Get your legal documents updated.

If you don’t have a lawyer at your disposal you can find free legal documents on rocketlawyer.com. Make sure you have a refund policy, privacy policy, and terms of service.

12. Write your first 3 Blogs.

If you’re website includes a blog, then I always recommend my clients to launch their website with 3 published blogs that your ideal customer would be interested to read. This will help your clients find you faster and you’ll start establishing trust with them.

Now over to you.

What do you do to ease the workflow with your designer?  Or

How can you implement these things in your business to get the results you want from your designer?

Thanks for reading. Please share this post if you think it would be helpful to a friend in your inner circle.


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