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Have you been wondering what you should be looking for in a designer? How Do I choose the best designer that will get my vision and transform it into a beautiful design.

Working with a designer that doesn’t get you or your vision just leads to great disappointment. That’s why you need to invest some time in research and asking questions to see who’s the best fit for you. Make sure you know everything you need to know before you hire a web pro.

Here are 22 questions you should be asking a web pro before you decide to commit and hire them.

  1. Can you share links to three live projects that you’ve completed and explain what your role was on each project?
  2. Ask them if they did the design and/or development, as these are two separate items. Often one or the other may get contracted out. If it’s contracted out, ask to speak with the contractor. If they use templates, ask them what they did to modify those templates.
  3. What was your favorite and least favorite project to work on and why?
  4. What is your availability like?
  5. How quickly will you be able to get back to me?
  6. What hours/days do you work?
  7. What are you most talented at?
  8. What kinds of projects or clients do you stay away from?
  9. What do people most like about working with you?
  10. Why do your clients choose you over the competition?
  11. Do you outsource the work or do you do it all yourself?
  12. Do you maintain the sites you’ve designed after the site launches? If so, what does that entail and cost?
  13. What happens if you aren’t happy with the work they provide?
  14. Have deadlines been established? Make sure both parties have a clear time frame and an understanding of what will happen if those deadlines are extended. What happens if one of you wants to cancel the project midway through?
  15. Are revisions included in the fee?
  16. How many revisions?
  17. Who owns the creative? Do you have the rights to re-use their graphics on other projects or websites? Many designers will not assign these rights without an additional fee.
  18. Will you receive the original files (Photoshop or Illustrator)? This should be YES.
  19. Will you receive any related custom imagery (banners, graphics, logo, etc.)? This should be YES.
  20. Will you get your logo in a vector format?
  21. Will you get all of your brand information (fonts used, color palette, etc.)?
  22. What is your payment schedule? What happens after the project? Does the designer require a site credit?

Hope these questions help you get clarity on what you should be looking for in a web designer.

Now over to you.

Do you struggle finding someone who gets you? Have you previously worked with a web designer? If so, how was your experience?


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