Let me tell you something…

A year back I had an online clothing  store. I had it for 8 months, it completely failed, crashed, boom, I really had bad hit to the face!

But that didn’t stop me. Why? Because I am aware of the action steps that I need to take, in order for me to succeed. In order for me to see my end result.

“Everything that comes into being starts with a thought” -Unknown

I am a fan of this lovely quote, cause I believe that this is so true. After all, the device you are staring at while reading this was a thought before it was made into real electronic gadget.

SO, if you’re having thoughts of creating something, or becoming the person you desire to be.


“Everything that comes into being starts with a thought” – Unknown

But if this is true why do people get stuck and don’t accomplish their dreams thus never seeing the end result that they once desired. That’s cause they didn’t get that having the idea is only the first step.

In order to transform a thought into something real that you can experience or be, you must take 3 action steps that are critical for your success.

This has worked for me and I am so fascinated to be able to share it with you. Once you have a thought. You must immediately take into consideration what am about to inform you.

  1. Analyze the dam thought. Lets face it and be real for a second. Not every thought you will have will be something that is right for you.

Analyze it by asking yourself these questions.

Is this thought or idea something I will enjoying doing 5-10 years from now? Or How will I feel with the end result of this idea?

  1. Write it down Baby!

Now that you are clear on what you want. Take a piece of paper or where ever you decide to take notes and write it down baby! Cause when you write it down, it will be less unforgettable. The act of writing it down triggers your subconscious to make you think more about it, therefor you start figuring out ways to make it happen.

Now, this is where it gets exciting. Let’s make it happen.

  1. Trust the process kiddo.

Everything in life is  a step by step process. Just take a look back when you were just a fertilized egg in your mama’s belly. You probably don’t remember right? Well let me refresh your memory.

You weren’t made in an instant. Ahh Duh! It’s not like a magic trick. You don’t just say the magic words and tara!, there you are.

Even before your mama and your papa decided to come together, and create this gorgeous human being that you are. It took various week for that egg to meet that sperm.

Just like it was a process for you to be alive and reading this right now.  It is also takes a process to transform whatever that little voice inside your head is telling you, into something real, that you can experience, live and enjoy.

In overall this is what I really want to tell you.

You must trust how everything goes down. You cannot give up. I repeat! You will not give up.  If you fall off the wagon you are going to get back on the wagon, and try harder. And it does not matter if you get a set back after a setback. You will trust that this is how it was all supposed to go down. It won’t matter if your wagon turns course. It is your duty to stay on that wagon until you reach the top of that dam hill. So go for it and take your first step to the life you deserve to live. It’ll all be worth it at the end…

Believe that you have the power to make it happen. [Tweet this!]

Now I’d Love to hear you out. In the comments below tell me what are your thoughts and dreams? And what are the steps that you’re taking them to see them come to existence?

I know that sharing your dreams is something you might be nervous about. Yet, it can also be so thrilling and exciting if you let go of the fear and shout it out to world.

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