Do you feel that business is hard?


If so, then you’re in for a treat this week. 


Sometimes we think that business is this hard thing that we need to figure out. 


But what we don’t realize is that there is no secret to having a successful business. And today I want to explain how you can truly make business very easy for you. 


First I’m going to go back to the basic principles of business. 


You can use these principles to understand that business is truly simple, what really makes it hard is how we think we need to have the perfect strategy to implement these principles.


So what are these principles that I’m talking about?


It’s very simple. 


We need to understand that business is all about creating the Like, know and trust factor that drives people to buy.

1. Like: Every business has to create a foundational form of interest before someone can actually say yes to the product or service that the business is offering.


2. Know: Your client has to know that what they are buying is exactly what they want. Your job as a business owner is to actually tell them what they want. Let them know why they want it.


3. Trust: Your client must have some amount of trust that they are not being played for their money. That what they are buying is actually what they want and will get. 


And that’s it. 


But why even knowing these 3 principles we still feel like business is hard? 


Because we get tripped up in so many ways we can be able to create this like, know and trust factor. 


You start overthinking your strategy, should you do a webinar? A 3 day course. Live videos, blog posts, instagram stories. Etc. 


Instead of asking yourself. 


  •  What can I do today to inspire interest in the thing that I want to sell?
  • What Can I say that can help my ideal client know how much she wants my product or service? 
  • How can I create trust with my ideal client?


Business truly becomes easy when you understand that this is about changing your approach from wanting, wanting, wanting to giving, and receiving. 


 Now, what can you do today to start implementing one of these 3 principles?



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