I had a client last week that came to me because she didn’t know why her website was not effectively booking clients. For her privacy today I’ll give her a fake name “Lisa”.


Lisa already has an established business, and she gets clients who buy her 1-1 services when they come to her location. Now, she wants to get more clients and spread her exposure online. That’s why she created her website. Her website is beautiful and has all the “attracting” elements of a website.  But she’s still concern because she’s not booking any clients online. So, what was the problem? Why wasn’t she getting any clients from her website?


I took a look at  her website and noticed 3 key things she could do to improve her sales process through her website, and I want to share these 3 things with you.


If you’re a service based business these 3 Key things can really make a difference on the bottom line of your business. So let’s get right into it.


These 3 Key things are…

1. State the process of working with you: I told Lisa that she had to make it clear to her customer what would happen after they click the buy button. What are the steps and the process of working with her. By stating the process of the service, the client is more prone to say yes, because they are clear of what’s about to happen. When someone is confused about the process or the steps that they need to take they are more prone to not do it and leave your website.

2. Add a CRM system: Adding a Customer Relationship Manager that allows you collect information about the client, book calls and also manage your invoices in one place. Having a CRM system in place, makes you look professional on your customers eye. I personally use Dubsado to manage my client relationships and run my business with more ease. Using a CRM System will also set you apart because it demonstrates how much you care about your customer’s experience. Which leads me to my next key thing.

3. Add a “quick to fill out” questionnaire. If you need to collect upfront information from your client before they buy from you, don’t give them an extensive 30 min questionnaire for them to fill out. Adding a questionnaire helps you make the statement that you only want serious inquiries, but you also want to make it easy for them to say yes. Keep your questionnaires short. If you need more information give the long extensive questionnaire after your customer has booked your service.


After adding these 3 things to her website Lisa has been able to book 3 new clients this week. Now, she’s doing more of the work that she loves to do and not so worried about her website. Because she now has a system in place that works for er 24/7.


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