“Oh, Dear Marketing Plan,

Why are you so overwhelming and hard?

Why can’t you just work from the very beginning and make me some money!

Oh, dear marketing plan.

Why are you so difficult to figure out and nail down. It seems as if everyone else in this industry has you figured out. Except me.”

That was me not so long ago. Wanting so bad for my marketing plan to just work without me having to stress it out so much.

I was the one wanting clients to just knock on my door. Without me having to put myself out there.

In reality. I have always hated creating a marketing plan. They never usually worked for me in the past.

I remember I would create one, make the step-by-step plan and months will go by and no results.

But here’s what really happened.

I would plan out my blog titles in advance and never get them done. I would plan to go live on fb but then miss a week or two. I would set a goal of getting on 3 calls a week, but never really took the effort to get those calls in my calendar.

The reality is that I would make the perfect plan. Work on it for a few days and then when it didn’t seem to work. I would forget about it.

My results were inconsistent. Because my execution of the marketing plan was inconsistent.


You see… most often we think the problem is within the marketing plan. But in reality, is within the consistency in which you execute the marketing plan.

So what shifted for me?

My perspective around the marketing plan. 

What if the marketing plan was not the thing that will give me the results. But the execution of it. 

What if I went all-in on the execution of the plan more than tripping up around the timelines and the endless planning. 

Today I get the results that I want, not because I have the perfect plan. Because I work the plan. 

Let’s have a deeper talk around the process of how I create my marketing plan, and most importantly how I execute it.

#1.  You can’t start a marketing plan thinking that the marketing needs to work for you. Instead think: I have work this marketing plan. And that’s when it works for you.

#2.  Stop planning from a past mindset. Plan as if you already have the results that you want. Not as with the If…. mindset. 

If I get a client…Then I’ll hire a designer. Or get a new assistant. 

If I get a 5k month then I’ll join that coaching program.






Plan as if you already got what you want. 

I will get a client and hire the designer, or the assistant. 


I will make a 5k month and join that coaching program. 


It’s about training your brain to think as if this plan is already working. That’s what will get you hyped up and encouraged everyday to keep working on the plan, even when there’s no immediate gratification. 


#3. When you work the plan and it doesn’t work. Don’t go back to the plan and think there is a problem with the plan. Think again. Did you really work the plan, or did you think so much about the plan but merely touched the surface of executing it? And if you did. What’s your next best step? Is it really changing the plan? Or go all in one more time on the plan? 


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