I apologize for not doing my regular Tuesday email this week. I have been really busy… but hey it happens to all of us.

After all…

“Life is what happens when you get busy”

But I got something really important that I want to talk to you about today, that’s why I stopped everything I was doing to tell you this… so keep reading.

I have been working with a new assistant, since I have so much on my plate I figure I could use the help. But, I found myself in an odd dilemma.

I didn’t trust that she could do a good job as me. I found myself in an awkward situation, judging her work which by the way was amazing. Once I got aware of what I was doing I finally understood what was going on.

You see, throughout my life I have had people I trusted and people that I prefer to keep my distance from.

Trust takes time to build, yet trust can disappear in a matter of seconds.

When you don’t have trust for a person then you are faced with insecurities at every turn of your life. But here me out, am not talking about the trust you have for your significant other or spouse. Am talking about the kind of trust that you have with your team.

When you’re insecure, you’re not comfortable with your own self worth. You’re always worrying if they will deliver the quality of work that you expect. In fact, your trust issues can get to the point where you believe that no one can do a better job than you (hence, what I personally believed).

I want you to know this…

Not, trusting your team can create a hostile environment in your business. Which can eventually downturn your productivity and the quality of the work that your team is doing.

So, how did I solve this problem of not trusting others to do a better job than me?

I had to understand that in order to grow I must have people around me which I can trust and count on. That means having people that I have trained myself or that are already trained professionals.

But what if your trust issues are not due to the fact that they are not trained professionals. What if, you just think this way because you believe only you can do a better job.

Then, you must do this. Acknowledge that the lack of trust is coming from within.

When you have acknowledge that the lack of trust is coming from within, please don’t get into a self pity conversation with yourself. Instead, notice the feeling, feel it and don’t resist it.

After you have acknowledge this, then take these 4 steps:

  • Don’t tune in on the Ego’s radio, that’s inside of you; just turn it off.

  • Remember that there is a reason why you chose that particular person in your team.

  • Trust that they have brilliant minds just like you.

  • Now, if you really think they can do a better job, then show them exactly how you would do it.

I know it can be overwhelming to remember what to do when these thoughts come to mind. But don’t compromise the success of your business for you selfish ego.

It’s just not worth it. You’re better than that.  Your team doesn’t deserve to be in a hostile environment. Don’t let your ego tell you otherwise.

Now I’ll love to hear from you. In the comments below. Are you having trust issues with any team member? What doubts are running through your mind? And what strategies can you implement today to turn off the Ego’s radio inside of you?


See you in the comments!

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