Here’s something that you must definitely know if you ever want to make your customers say “WOW I WANT THAT! AND I WANT IT NOW!”

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But first let me tell you what the heck is The BDA Experience. And yes I completely made it up. BDA stands for the Before During and After Experience. What do I mean by this? Well, to me there’s always a before, during and after experience on anything that you sell.

And in order for you to be the best you gotta know how to bring A+ game in all these 3 parts of the buying experience of your customers. Now before I go on explaining the parts of the BDA Experience, you have to understand this…

“Every person that buys from you, or that is thinking about buying from you, will have some kind of experience with your brand. So why not give them the best experience they could ever have?” [Tweet this]

With that said, don’t sell yourself short by thinking that people experience your brand only when they buy from you. People are perceiving your brand the minute they land eyes on your work. Even if they haven’t bought whatever it is that you’re selling.


How can you use The BDA experience to grow your business and create more sales.

Selling is all about creating the Know, Trust and Like factor that make people buy from you. 

What does this mean for you…

It means that you have the chance of create the “know” factor that makes people buy from you.  You can do this with your website, social media platform or any other channel that gives your followers access to know who you are and why you’re in business.

During the buying process you have the chance to deliver the story behind what you’re doing. You also have the chance to deliver the value that you said were going to offer. When you deliver on your word, you create trust.

After your client have bought your products or services, then your client decides whether they liked what they experienced or not.

And when you can make someone excited about buying your product or services once, you can for sure know that they will buy from you again.

And that ladies and gentlemen this is how you grow your business and make more sales!

Did you like my made up acronym? If so, tell me in the comments below what resonated with you. 

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