Many entrepreneurs start their online business because they want to make money online, have time freedom and do more creative work. They often start by creating a website. Yet, what they don’t know is what a website needs to be effective.

And today I want to give you 3 things your website should do in order to be effective.

Your website should be…

  1. Connecting with the right client – This means that as soon as someone lands on your website, they should understand what you do or sell, and who your work with. This is all about getting clear on your message and understanding that in order to attract your ideal client you must connect with them at a psychological level. Perhaps you illustrate the problem that they are having and then give them value towards how they can find the solution to their problem.
  1. Capturing Emails – When you provide free value to the ideal customer you want to ask for their email, so you can be able to nurture that connection that you started creating with your website. Often a person may not buy from you the first time they visit your website, but the might buy when you make your next offer over email because you have created that know, trust and like factor that makes people buy your products or services.
  1. Converting browsers into clients – There are a million different strategies out there that you can use to convert your browsers into paying clients. But you’ll have to find a strategy that works for you and your business and stick with it. Whether you do it by getting people on calls or having them buy straight from your website. You must have a clear strategy for your website, to get your customer from visiting to paying for your product and services.

So now that you have the 3 things your website should do in order to be effective. You can now start creating a website that will help you move your business goals forward.

Remember in order for your website to be effective your website must be able to connect with the right client, capture emails and convert your browsers into buyers. If your website is not doing none of these 3 things, then you may want to work on them now, in order to see results through your website.

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Thank you for reading, now tell me in the comments. How can you start doing one of these 3 things to create a website that is effective?


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