How are you?


I’m so happy that you’re here and this week I want to celebrate what I would call my first success in business.


Today, I want to take you back to my very first years in business. Before I had amazing office space and consistent clients each month. 


In business, there are moments where we can feel very frustrated because the clients are not flowing in as consistently as we want them. 


But if we can just take a moment to look back a few years when we started this business. We can be able to reflect on how much progress and momentum we have made.


For example, the other day at my office desk. I remembered when I only had a laptop and a little student desk in my small room at my step-moms house. 


When I was just wishing and dreaming of having that very first client.


Yes, there were moments where the level in which I believed in myself and what I offered were at 0. And other days where everything seemed possible even when I didn’t yet have that first client. 


Today, I still have moments like these. Where I’m sold on what I offer and the value that I provide. And there are days when I feel that I’m not making progress, and feeling scared to take my next best step. 


The principle here is that we all have those moments of doubt and fear. And that these moments are part of the journey. 


It doesn’t mean that you’re broken, or that something is wrong with you. It just means that you’re a human, having a human experience.


The difference between someone who has the clients to someone who doesn’t. Is that they don’t let those fears stop them from implementing these 4 Basic Business Principles.


With that said… 


I want to tell you how I got my first design client and how you can too. 


Even if you’re not a designer you can use these tips to start getting consistent clients in your business.


I remember that I had just started a new program (B-school). I was keeping my skills to sell and market my new offer as a web designer. 


Back then my first client came from me showing up to a Bschool meet-up. Of course, my prices were really low and it was kind of like a done deal when I offered to help her design her website.  But the following principles were the things that made that connection and trust possible for her to say yes and hire me as her designer. 


  1. Sought clarity: I first got really clear on what I loved to do, and what I wanted to offer. FYI, I had started many business ideas before going into the web design industry. None of these were things I loved, but what I thought I should be doing to make money online. The point here is that you won’t sell something if you’re not in love with what you’re selling. So getting very clear on what you love to do is the first step to getting that first client excited about buying from you. 


2.Worked on being visible: After I was clear that designing was the thing that lit me up. I went on to be more visible. Back then I started by going to these meetups that were part of the B-School program. I started to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and hang out with people who could be my potential clients. I shared with everyone I spoke to what I loved to do and what I offered. At the end of the day, you can’t expect to get a new client if you’re not doing your part to let that client know how you can help them. (This is marketing at its core) 


3.Built genuine relationships: If someone was interested in what I did and wanted to keep in touch I would grab their phone/or email and follow up with them over a coffee chat or zoom call. I made it my priority to make sure that I created a genuine relationship with them. But I didn’t leave it up to them to make contact with me. I made sure I had a way of contacting them. 


4. Offer the help your client needs and deliver exactly that. Here’s what made all the difference for her to say yes to me. I didn’t just sell my design package to her. I offered to help her with something that she was already frustrated about. I offered to save her time, money, and peace of mind. And I did exactly that. 


Even when I had never had a client before and I had no proven process that what I designed for her would work. 


She trusted me because she saw I was clear on what I offered and I dared to let her know what I offered, and I didn’t just sell to her. I took the time to build a genuine relationship and offer her my genuine help. And then I delivered on my promise.


And this is how I continue to get consistent clients every month in my business. Even when I feel doubtful and fearful. Even when there are days, that don’t feel inflow. I know that I can always go back to these main business principles and build on my success. And now, so can you!


Now, tell me in the comments. Was this topic helpful for you? Which of these 4 basic business principles do you feel you need to work on more, to see a constant flow of clients? 


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