Have you ever wonder if creating a community of like minded people has anything to do with how others perceive you?

Well, I think it absolutely does. The first impression counts the most. Because without doubt, how you’re perceived by others can either get your audience’s attention or it can instantly burn down the interest they once had for you.

Even if you already have that great community by your side, you can’t just take them for granted. You have to find ways to keep them engaged.

If in case, you haven’t had luck with creating rapport with your community, let me help you get back in the game with 4 tips that will have your audience with all eyes on you.

#1-  Believe it’s possible; you must open yourself to the possibility that you deserve a community of like minded people.

#2-  Train your awareness muscles; practicing the act of being present in the moment is one of the most essential things you can do to stay updated with what’s going on with your community. Being present helps you become aware of how to respond and engage with your followers.

#3- Stop judging your feelings; be honest with yourself and start letting yourself feel exactly how you want to feel.  Some little things are just not that important. The important thing is that you let yourself feel, without judging yourself.

#4- Respect your values and standards; how we carry ourselves while building relationship is really important.  Standards are rules that dictate the decisions you make therefore the action you take.  But how can you know how you carry yourself if you don’t know your values and standards?

Take a look at your life, and ask yourself some powerful questions.

  • What are the values and standards that you live by?
  • What’s ethical or unethical to you?
  • What do you accept or don’t accept from other people?
  • Do you want to be respected, appreciated or seen as a person with integrity?

Now take action.

  1. Get a pen and a piece of paper, and make a list of your values and standards.
  2. Apply these values to your everyday life.
  3. And commit to live by these standards every single day.

People love an authentic person. The more you can stay in touch with who you truly are, the better chance you have to build a community of like minded people.

Now, I’ll love to hear from you.

In the comments tell me, what was the most important thing that you took away from this post? And why?

Oh, and remember… Share. Share. Share!

Till next time,

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