I hope you are having a wonderful week.  Today I’m stopping by to let you know something that have been experiencing the last few days.

As you may already know,

I’m a creative entrepreneur. Fighting my way to deliver my work to other heart-centered entrepreneurs like me.  It hasn’t been easy, my journey has been like a roller coaster of emotions.

One day I’ll feel the most creative person and even sit down for hours to do my life’s work. And other days I would just feel like the dumbest person in the world and do no work whatsoever.

Through time my goals and dreams have changed.  And so have I. I went from having an online clothing store, to wanting to be a life coach and now helping heart centered-entrepreneurs build their visual empire online.

Lately I have been experiencing some resistance to do my work. This resistance has slowed me down. Yes I admit it. I have been procrastinating. Thoughts of fear run through me and at times I don’t believe that I will ever succeed. Thoughts like “who am I to even try to help others?” Yupp these thoughts come and go more often than not.

The difference between now and a few years ago, is that I know that it’s normal to feel this way.  It’s just part of the process. It only means that I’m changing. 

Steven Pressfield, the author of “The War of Art”, told me in his book that resistance can come in many different types of forms.  It can be a sickness or just simply feeling like you are not able to keep up with your stress anymore. You may even feel that giving up is the best alternative. 

I want to tell you that you must be aware that this feeling of doubt and insecurity will never go away.  You can be a very successful person and still experience resistance. 

What a drag right. Thank god I got something you can do to kick resistance’s ass.

Here’s what to do when resistance kicks in.

    •    Be aware of what’s happening.

    •    Don’t judge how you are feeling or try to avoid it. Just let yourself feel it.

    •    Here’s the trick, you cannot feel it for more than 10-15 mins.

    •    Once you have felt it. Take a break.

    •    Let go of the pain and come back to your center.  You do this by asking yourself. How do you want to feel?

    •    Answer to yourself honestly, and feel it deeply.

Now smile, laugh and giggle! Because right then and there you will know that you’re changing.

Yes it will take sometime to get the hang of it and do it each time resistance kicks in.  But with practice you’ll have the power to win the fight each and every time.

“After all a soldier that has more awareness of what’s going to happen, has more probability of winning the war.” – JS

So fight your resistance and keep going for your dreams. Remember you don’t need luck to have all things you want in life. Now I’ll love to hear from you.

In the comments, tell me about a moment where you have experienced resistance.  How did you feel? And what action did you take other than diving into overwhelming and self doubting thoughts?

P.S. Do you know any creative person that can learn how to beat resistance and get back on track? If so then share this with them, and help them out with some kick ass wisdom.


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