I want to talk to you about how you can be able to create a landing page that converts. 


But first, let me tell you the difference between a landing page and a website. A website is where you showcase your work. Basically, your website is the storefront of your business. 


A landing page is where you sell a specific product or service and a landing page does not have a menu other than calls to action that takes visitors to a landing page.  


Here’s the mistake most people think about when it comes to a landing page. They think that a landing page is only to sell courses or create opt-ins and it’s not. You can use a landing page to sell almost anything. Yes! You can even sell your 1-1 services. 


Now, the question is: What does my landing page need for it to convert?


  1. Clear Message – Your landing page needs to be able to attract the visitor’s attention. You must be able to connect with them in the very first seconds that they land on your page. And how do you do this? By knowing who you’re speaking to, what are you speaking to them about and illustrating and selling to the results and problems that you’re solving for them? 


  1. Calls to action – Here’s where we want our visitors to take action on our website. Whether it’s a landing page to collect emails, or a landing page to sell a specific product or service we want to tell our visitors to take action at various points of the landing page. When it comes to a landing page we want to repeat the same calls to action with the same wording. We don’t want to confuse people with the same calls to actions. 


  1. Details of service/product – Of course we want to state what are the details and the exact thing the visitor will get once they buy. But remember this is just a piece of the puzzle. What we really want to illustrate is the feeling that will result from buying our products and service. That’s why you need to have this next component to your landing page.


  1. Why they should buy – I think this is the most important part of the landing page. You should illustrate the reason they should buy your service. Either by explaining how they can save more time, money or energy. How they get things done much faster or eliminate the pain point of doing it by themselves. You have a clear explanantion of why buying your product or service is the best investment that they can make. 


  1. Who is for – We want to make sure that your products and services are being bought by the right people. Meaning ideal clients who will get the best benefit from buying. Therefore they’ll have the best results from your products and services. 


  1. Who is not for –  We also don’t want anyone who is not a great fit for our products and services to buy. Why? Well because these customers will always give you a headache, ask for refunds and not get the results from your offer because their simply not a good fit. 


  1. FAQs (tackle objections) – Let’s takle objections differently than what you have been doing. 


Let’s do it in a way that helps your visitor understand that what they have been doing as of now has not been working. 


And the only way to get different results is to try something different. Of course you must a product and service that actually gives people the results that they’re looking for. 


For example, this ideal client has been overwhelmed that her website does not look how she wants it and she’s not getting clients from it.


But her objection to hiring a web designer is that she doesn’t have money to invest in a designer. The way we tackle this is objection is by letting her know that the way that she’s doing it now is not getting her results. Because she’s wasting so much time trying to create a website on her own instead of using that same time to do tasks that will actually get her clients. Like creating content that will drive traffic to an effective website that converts. What she doesn’t realize is that upfront investment will help her get closer to her business goals. 


  1. Guarantees –  We want to trust that if we’re buying a product or service online that we’re not gonna lose. So giving some type of money-back guarantee gives your ideal customer ease at buying. And they are more willing to say yes. 


  1. What happens after they buy – Let your customer know the steps they have to take after they buy. This will help create ease to know what’s going to happen next. And gives them a sense that you have a proven process to get them the results that they want.


There you have it my friend. 9 Parts of a landing page that converts. 


If you’d like to create a landing page that converts I have created  a worksheet for you to download.


Now, tell me are you having trouble converting your visitors into buyers?



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