I’m doing something new starting this month and I would love for you to be part of it. 

Every month I’ll be sending you a client feature of past clients that I have worked with. 

The reason that I wanted to do these client features was that every so often I get on calls with people who had bad experiences with their past designer. 

And I want to tell that that’s not the case when you work with me. I also wanted to give you an inside scoop of what it’s like to work with me. 

In this first client feature, you’ll get to know my client Francisca Jara. She’s a Tarot reader. She helps her ideal client gain clarity and connects with their soul through 1-1 consulting services. She also teaches you hows to read and work with tarot cards. 

Before working with Francisca, she already had a website up and running. But she was struggling to get clients because her design was not in alignment with the message and her services. 

Her website had no foundational structure and there was no strategy to get people to book her services online. 


Francisca had already been trying to design her website on her own, but she was struggling to design something that was captivating and attractive to her audience. 


We first sat on a 90 min Strategy Session where we discussed her brand message, website strategy, and overall business goals. 

Then we started the project.

Phase 1: Prep Work – Francisca had the majority of her content created. All we had to do is make some tweaks related to her specific message and goals. 


Phase 2: Technical Setup – All the design is created under my domain and hosting and then transferred to Francisca’s domain and WordPress account. Since she already had a website I didn’t have to set it up. But I did add some essential plugins she needs to help her website run smoother and no tech issues.


Phase 3: Design Makeover – Francisca wanted to keep her same brand colors, logos and design elements she already had. So I decided to implement a strategy on her website that would focus on the client’s user experience. 


Phase 4: Optimize For Sales – We added calls to action that directed the visitor to buy her sessions without going over too many hurdles. We also got rid of dead ends and created a strategy to have visitors engage with her content. 


Phase 5: Test, Tweak and Launch – We tested her website for speed, and broken links and on various types of browsers. While designing it I also made sure the design looked great on mobile too. 


About my with working with Francisca:


Our first draft I added a variety of different colors that she provided for me. Then we focused on 3 main colors for more consistency.


We did have a challenge when Francisca wanted to change the fact that I added all caps to her design. We later hopped on a call and I explained to her why I decided to add all caps. In a nutshell: All caps on headings gives your brand a high-end perception. 


I loved working with Francisca because she always brought her soul to every call and interaction that we had. I also liked that I got to do my very first website in Spanish. 


Watch the interview video where she’ll talk about her creative journey with me. 

To see before and after photos c’ me on over to my portfolio. 


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