Maybe you feel lost when it comes to writing about yourself? Or it just feels weird to tell people how amazing you are. 


I get it. 


You don’t want to brag or make yourself sound like you’re so full of it. 


But here’s one thing that I can tell you… 


Your client needs to know you. She/he needs to see how amazing you are. She wants to hear what you gotta say about yourself. But most importantly she wants to know why you’re the best person to help her solve her problem. 


That’s why it’s your job to write an about page that tells her how amazing you are. How much of a real human being you are. And why you’re the right person to solve their problem. 


And yes. Maybe I’m repeating myself. But it’s for a reason. 


You can’t expect your ideal customer to KLT (know,like and trust) you when you don’t do that for yourself. And part of having an about me page is to demonstrate this. 


So here’s how you do this. 


Tell her how you got started. What’s your story. And if you’re just starting out in your business then tell her what happened before you got started. Each one of us has a story to share. And I bet you have a good one too. Does it have to be a tragic story or something transformational? No. Just your unique journey that got you to where you are right now. Because we all came from somewhere. 


And you might be questioning…


“But what if this story is boring?”. Perfect, that means it’s even more real and more unique than any story out there. 


And after you have told your story, tell her about your good amazing qualities, what have you been able to create, whether it’s results for past clients or results for yourself.


Have her experience your amazingness through your tone. So when she really decides to start working with you. She has no doubt about it. She knows your real and down to earth. Ready to get your hands dirty and get her amazing results. 


Yes, brag girl. Brag how you got your first client. Brag on how amazingly creative you are and gather all the evidence possible so she can believe in her bones that the results that she can get her first client too. That she can hit that 10,15,or 50K a month. 


Because here’s one truth about making sales. 


Your customer will buy your product/service, not because it’s amazing. But more so, of how that product/service makes them feel.


So if bragging about yourself makes them feel excited, and motivated that they can get those results too. Then girl!!! You’ve got to stop hiding. You have to have to stop holding yourself from being fully you. 


Start now. Stop reading and go write a killer about me page. Go make your customer feel excited and motivated about working or buying from you. 


And no this isn’t about selling from a place of “I’m the best and you should buy from me or else you’ll fail”.


No, it’s about telling your ideal customer.


“I’m the best at what I do. Because I have been through that. And I want to help you be the best at what you do. And that’s why you should buy from me.” 


Hey, you don’t gotta say it exactly in that way. But you get the point right. 


Believe it for yourself. And then you’ll client will believe it too. 


Now, tell me in the comments. Are you struggling to put yourself out there, or create an about me page that converts? 


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