Let me tell you something 


I know someone in the past has said it to you countless times.

You might know that already but let me ask you this…

Do you ever feel that some days you wake up thinking that you’re the ugliest person in the world? (even though everyone tells you that you’re beautiful).

I get it. Just yesterday I was feeling the same way too.

But how can we liberate ourselves from these destructive thoughts that we are not beautiful or good enough?

It’s not easy, I personally try to deal with it myself.  By looking at myself in the mirror and just stating that i’m a fascinating rockstar is just not enough.  Yeah, this affirmation might work at the time being, but then i’m back in this self-doubting cycle again.

And each time it gets even worse. I end up hating myself and being completely insecure about who i’m. I’ll be honest it’s a horrible feeling and ruins my entire day.

Today I woke up different. I acknowledged where my ego was going and stopped it. And said no more. I had to find a way to stop this self-doubting cycle.

So, I have decided that whenever I find myself in this vicious cycle again, I will get down to the dirty truth.


By asking myself the right questions.

I’ll find out what I really feel by describing my exact feelings and I following it with a why.  

Why am I really feeling like this?

It’s crazy how in an instant, I completely changed my attitude in my subconscious mind.  This is where my ego and my subconscious mind start having a down to earth conversation.

It’s fascinating how after this conversation with myself, I completely turn my attitudes and emotions around. I don’t fight it any more, I just let the conversation run through me so it can guide me to the real truth.

Remember, we can lie to the outside world, but not to ourselves. The truth always lies within us, now it’s up to us if we decide to listen to it in order for it to guide us.

The key here is to be able to notice when your ego starts talking to you, and then take the action of questioning whatever it is saying to us.

The ego is the tricky part of you, that will tell you lies in order to feel at ease. But it has no power over you when you decide to question it and find the real truth that hides behind it.

Asking the right question will give you the power of clarity.  Because once you are certain and clear about something from the deepest level within you, then you have the power to make the shift in your mind that will make all the difference in the world.

This is when you start to feel the confidence, vitality and strength that you have inside of you again.

Now i’ll love for you to tell me about your own self-doubting cycle.

In the comments below, share with me what is your ego telling you, and how will you start to question it? What types of conversations come up that you find fascinating or troubling?

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Have a great day,

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