Have you ever doubted everything you do in your business or life?  


If so, you’re not alone. 


Here’s why we do this.


We don’t really believe that you’re good enough, so we doubt everything we’re doing.


It took me some time to get over the I’m not good enough BS in my own head. 


Well, to be honest. It doesn’t really go away. 


Maybe it helps you to know that everyone has these thoughts at any point in our entrepreneurship journey. That doesn’t mean we let these thoughts paralyze us.


For me, the feeling of not being good enough, arose when I was very young. 


When I was a little girl, my parents weren’t emotionally mature to support me through my feelings. 


So when I would feel sad, angry, or emotionally charged I couldn’t express myself to my parents without being you know “ a cry baby”. The fact that I couldn’t express myself as a child led me to believe that I was never truly understood. That no one really got me or knew what I was going through. 


I felt that I truly wasn’t good for my parents to give me that love and support that I required when I was in emotional distress. 


As an internalizer, I grew up trying to always have my father’s approval before I took any action on anything. I also looked up to him to feel proud of me for me to have some sense of credibility that I was doing things right.


I remember trying my best to get good grades at school and when I got a B+ he would tell me that it wasn’t good enough and that I needed to do better. This reinforced the belief that I wasn’t good enough and that somehow it didn’t matter how hard I tried because nothing was ever good enough. 


This “I’m not good enough” drama had me doubting myself every step of the way. Especially at the beginning of starting my business. It showed up when I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas and I felt that what I had to say wasn’t good enough.


I came up when I wanted to do video but felt that I wasn’t good enough for video. It came up in my marketing strategy because I felt that I wasn’t doing it right.  And so on….


It’s not until recent years that I truly sought help from a therapist and I started to shift this belief around. 


That’s why I’m going live today to talk about:

  • How the “I’m not good enough” mindset is holding you back in your business.
  • The 4 things that are required for you to change this belief around
  • How you can still have momentum even when you don’t feel good enough
  • An affirmation that I use to get myself back on track when I fall off the wagon


If you’ve been doubting every step you take in your business. This episode is for you!

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