I want to tell you something that happened to me when I was first dating my boyfriend Rafael.

When it comes to having a boyfriend, even at the age of 20 my dad never seemed to agree with my choices. Rafael is about my height, with a dark skin complexion, a soft spoken soul and a warm heart.  When I met him he was 19 and I was 20.

We went to a family party in February, a few days after Valentine’s Day.  We didn’t give each other gifts on valentines, so I brought the gift to the party and gave it to him.

My father (Mr. Soriano) was sitting on the other side of the living room, watching me as I was giving this strange guy (that he never have seen before) a gift.  My father did not know that I was dating him, or did I want him to know. I knew my father would never approve of the relationship, he never liked any of my past boyfriend’s so why would he like him.

Of course there’s always a chismoso (chitchatter) in the family.  Immediately my aunt next to him shouts out that he’s my boyfriend. Like OMG why did she have to do that!  I just wanted to disappear. I completely turned red and ran to the bathroom.

Soon after, my father stood up and went to the kitchen, where Rafael was. Even with the house full of people (like seriously, the whole family was there), he didn’t care to embarrass me in front of everyone.  He told Rafael that I had another boyfriend that he didn’t want nothing bad to happen to me if my other boyfriend finds out.

I was like what??? OMG! DAD! That’s not true, I have broken up with him a long time ago! I screamed and yelled so he can stop this nonsense.

But my dad didn’t care, for some reason he didn’t like Rafael and he still doesn’t.  He just wanted to embarrass me so Rafael would leave me.  I was so upset at my father.

I thought “omg it’s over”,  “after this he will never want to be and my heart dropped as these horrible thoughts crossed my mind.

Then a miracle, Rafael did the opposite of what my father wanted him to do.  He didn’t get mad or burst out to continue the argument. Instead he stood calm, stayed in the party and asked me directly.  He listened to me, and he believed my truth.  And that right there was the moment that I truly saw the man that will stay by my side on the good and the worst.

That was the day that I stopped believing all the bullsh** chitchats that my family were saying about him.  I knew that I had to do that for this relationship to stand I had to stop being afraid of my father. I have found my love. And I had to be a warrior and fight for what was true to me.

I am telling you this because Rafael taught me something that night. He taught me that most of the time we may believe blindly what everyone around us says.  Even when it’s not true, we may believe them because of the love and  respect that we have for them.

You must always be careful, and aware of what you choose to believe.

Our beliefs can have a great impact in our lives.

Often we may sacrifice happiness because other family members or friends don’t see what you see in your man.  Don’t let that happen to you.  You are capable of knowing what indeed is the best for you.

What I want to be clear is that the only person capable of seeing the truth is you.  You can lie to everyone else, but you cannot hide the truth from yourself.  So I encourage you to see beyond the darkness and look deep within yourself.  I assure you, you will find your truth.

The problem with seeing the truth is that most of us are afraid of it.  We fear being alone or leaving our tribe behind.

Let me tell you this.  There is no tribe, there’s only you.  Stop living in hierarchy world, and start marking your territory. In the arena the only warrior is you. There is nothing to be afraid of, just take your sword and fight.

Your soul is worth it.

Now, I’ll love to hear from you, did this resonate with you? Why or why not?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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