I got this from a very amazing book called “The War of Art” By Steven Presfield, You can also look at his 2nd book Turning Pro to learn more about this concept that has completely changed my perspective in which I act and behave in my business.


Today let’s talk about….


The Amateur Vs Pro Concept


I’m going to share my own version of Amateur Vs Pro as it relates to business and websites.


When you understand this and implement this concept into anything you do in your business you will see how things flow more at ease in every area of your business.



Amateur Entrepreneur


  • Is experiencing new waters, Testing, trying new things, seeing what sticks. More often than not change their fonts and colors. 
  • Is inconsistent with their message. 
  • Is looking to make money quick, not thinking about sustainable growth.
  • Therefore they don’t see how a website can benefit them in the long haul.
  • Is not performing at their highest level. Not showing up. A Lot has to do because they don’t have a set strategy or plan to follow. Running around seeing who pays attention to them.
  • Is not seeing the results they desire to see in their business because they haven’t fully decided to be a pro yet.
  • Doesn’t consistently work on their mindset and how it directly affects the results they get in their business.


A Pro entrepreneur


  • Has defined and worked on her message.
  • She has defined her brand perspectives. 
  • Understands the importance of having a marketing plan in place.
  • See’s the return on investment of hiring out their website and focusing on their strengths and not their weaknesses. 
  • Get’s how a profitable website can help them create sustainable growth.
  • See’s more results in their business because they know how to leverage Organic marketing to generate traffic and leads.
  • Works on her mindset consistently and seeks support because she knows that she will get to her next level much faster than figuring it out on her own. 


You decide! Do you want to be an amateur or do you want to be a pro.


And neither is good or bad. It’s about recognizing where you’re at and making a conscious decision of where you want to be. 


So don’t judge yourself if you feel that you’re an amateur right now. This is not intended to make you feel any type of way. But to bring awareness to where you’re at.


Now, tell me in the comments. Who do you see yourself being right now? And what changes should you start making in your business and website to see yourself as a pro?



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