When most online entrepreneurs start off…


They start to look at YouTube videos to learn how to create a website. 

They get stuck on all the different choices available:  which platform to use, what fonts to pick, and what styles go best with their brand.

And they get overwhelmed because there’s so much to learn and yet they feel no sense of direction. 

They go off to posting once in a while and easily get discouraged because no one is buying from them.


It’s ok if this is you. I’ve been there myself. I spent months, even years, trying to figure out how to make my business profitable. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to waste any more time wondering what to do or where to turn.


What I wish someone told me when I was starting out was that I needed to make a Profitable Marketing Plan. 


When you don’t have a profitable marketing plan you’re spinning in circles and throwing spaghetti at the wall. You’re not really aiming at anything specific and then wondering why the spaghetti is not sticking. 


Take this tip: Take time to pause, and plan. Trust me, it will be the best thing you do to achieve success in business. 


And that’s why today’s training is all about creating a 90-day Profitable Marketing Plan. 


I’m going to show you: 

  • How I break down my content calendar and stay consistent with my weekly content. 
  • How I’m able to use one piece of content and break it down to a week worth of sm posts.
  • How do I decide on what pieces of content are free vs paid content. 
  • The one thing you need to have to make your plan profitable.

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