I remember the first years of being in business when I felt lost on what to do to even get clients. It’s like being in a dark room with no idea where the light switch is. 


Oftentimes business can feel like this because we get utterly overwhelmed when there is no clear path to navigate the journey that you’re on. 


Today I want to talk to you about how you can turn on the lights to really do the ONE thing that’s really going to help you succeed in business but you’re so scared of doing.


And that is creating RELATIONSHIPS.


Because it does not matter if you have the perfect social media profile, with pretty pictures and consistent brand photos. 


You have to be creating relationships in your business if you want to turn your visitors into lifelong clients.


When you learn how to consistently create relationships and build on them. You will see how easy business can flow, and how it’s no longer a dark room that you’re running into things. But the lights actually turned on and you start to learn how to navigate the mess of entrepreneurship. 


So how do you create relationships?




Yes, you can’t just wait for people to hit you up to start talking to them. You have to start the conversation. Say hi, how are you doing. I’m curious to get to know you? … Introduce yourself and let them know about you. It’s as simple as that.


But what stops you from doing that? What stops you from talking to people is your own fear! 

  • Fear that they will see your insecurities and your imposter feelings.
  • Fear that you’ll look salesy
  • Fear that you are not there yet, so 
  • Fear that you aren’t good enough to even offer help to someone. 

So what can you do to move past this? 

Do it scared! 



You have to understand. That fear will never go away. Fear will always be part of your life and especially of your entrepreneurial journey. Being in business takes courage and grit, to do things even when you feel the fears. Even when everything in your mind is giving you the sign to quit, stop, or avoid it! 


Feel the fear and do it scared!


And then when you do it scared,  you’ll see that fear actually takes a back seat. And now you are able to do the things that you have never done before. 


So back to relationships. What can you do to not have conversations that feel ekky and salesly? But also not so vague that you don’t actually help someone see how you can help them. 


Genuinely  care about them! 


Ask questions that will help you understand if they actually need your help. Before you even offer your help. Don’t just go to someone’s DM and tell them about what you offer. Ask questions, give them upfront value. 


And remember there is no right or wrong way to talk to people, if you’re talking to the right people. 


If you try to start a conversation with someone and they don’t respond, or completely shut you down from the beginning. It’s ok. It’s not about you. Or that something is wrong with you. They weren’t the right people to talk to. But you won’t know that until you actually talk to them. 


And the only thing that will help you know it if you actually do it scared!


Did you find it helpful to know that you already know how to create relationships. Or do you still feel stuck or scared about talking to people?



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