The real problem is not that you don’t have enough followers, you’re just not marketing to the ones you do have.


You have made the effort to attract these people into your business. Yet you haven’t done your diligence to connect with them in a way that will have them excited about working with you.


I know you have heard this from me before. But I cannot stress enough how much building relationships has truly worked out in my business. 


And I know in my heart that if you focus on building relationships in your business, rather than just implementing strategies after strategies you’ll see a difference in your bottom line.


What often happens is that we assume that people need to buy from us the moment they visit our website.


And we don’t bother to create the relationship, let alone nurture it enough for them to like, know and trust us before they even buy.


That’s why today in our Profitable Marketing Lessons you’ll learn.


4 Tips to create a genuine relationship and get your next client.


Tip #1 – Create a follow-up system to touch back with people. This will help you keep track of the relationships you have already started. Oftentimes we make assumptions from just having one conversation with people is enough for them to buy from us. . And if they are not interested we just leave the conversation to die. Let’s stop that right now. No relationship is a waste of time. Because even if that person who is having a conversation with you right now, is not interested in your products or services doesn’t mean that they might not be interested in a few months from now, or that they might not have a friend who they can recommend to us.


Tips #2 – Have a set date when you’re going to keep in touch. Don’t just leave the follow-ups to chance or for when you remember to talk to that person again. Put it in your calendar for when you’ll be doing these follow-ups every week. This will help you stay organized and not think that you need to follow up with people all the time.

Tip #3 – Each time you touch base don’t always sell. (give value, value, and then pitch) Stop going into a conversation straight into selling. Start reaching out to people by providing value first.


Tip #4 – Make the relationship easy for them to say. I know her! This means you’re not just having dead-end conversations. But you’re letting people get to know the real you. You’re letting people get to know who you are. This is where the true connection happens. When you open your heart to others, others will open their heart to you. We Have to be able to go deeper than just a “how are you…” kind of question.


“Remember sales is a conversation, not a presentation.” – M. Shannon Hernandez


So allow yourself to open up to people, so they can open up to you. Your job as a business owner is to get your customer to know, like, and trust you even if they aren’t interested in buying right now.


Example of how I had clients: I went to a meetup. Had a conversation with my friend Joselyn. At the time I didn’t offer her my web design services. I just had a great conversation. We kept in touch via social media. I made it to one networking event that she was doing. We created a stronger relationship and then months later she called me up to talk about revamping her website.


From going to Joselyn’s meetup, I made more connections and created a relationship with one of her friends. Weeks later that friend called me up to design her website, too.


That new friend also recommended me to another friend, even before starting her website and that’s how I got my 3rd client.


Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. It was actually months apart. But the fact that I made it my responsibility to create and build on those relationships was how I was able to get 3 clients.


And that’s why building relationships to get more clients works so well. Because it doesn’t feel salesy or pushy. It’s just having genuine conversations so people can get to know, like, and trust you. And that’s what marketing is all about.


And that is the magic of creating relationships. You create a ripple effect of consistent clients because you are making it your business for people to know, like, and trust you!


And yes. Business can be this simple. But we make it complicated for ourselves by thinking that you need to have 20 marketing emails, 30 sm posts and so and so.


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