If you’re anything like me when I started out…

Here’s what I know.

I know you’ve been scrolling for the perfect theme to fit with your business and style, for the fifth time this week. I know you are overwhelmed by all the options you have.

And what I also know is that you been on other people’s websites, secretly wishing you could be able to have that perfect website for your business.

But after you have gone through a handful of websites you’re left feeling unworthy and behind. Because for the past few hours or so you’ve been comparing yourself and your business with other people’s businesses.

And hey! I might be calling you out. But it’s not to make you feel more shitty about it. I’m calling you out because I care too much about you to leave you in this state of mind.

You are worthy of having a successful business and a website that is captivating and effective.  And you’re definitely not behind. You are exactly where you need to be.

Today on the blog, I want to give you a simple thing that you can do to stop endlessly scrolling to find the perfect theme. And finally create a website that is unique to you, your style and your type of business.

Ok this may seem too simple. But it is. Just Sketch Your Layouts.

Yes.  Sketch out the layout of what you want on each page. Knowing what you will have on each page will help you know where you want content and what you want to say because now you’re aware of what exactly you want them to do.

You don’t have to be a designer to be able to sketch out your website. It’s as simple as taking a pen and a blank piece of paper and start creating boxes and circles of where you want your header, text, pictures, and links located throughout the page.

I got some homework for you.

Do this: Sketch each main page that you want to create for your website.

When you sketch your own layouts and understand where you want content and images on your website. You’re more likely to find your perfect theme much faster. Because now you know what you want and what you need in order to have a website that is unique to your business and style.

You may feel the urge to skip this step, but don’t.

Sketch your layouts and then go hunting for a theme. You’ll be more graceful with yourself for doing this.

And If you still feel tripped up because you don’t know what you need to have on your website, I’ll like to offer you my help. I’m opening the doors to my 2-Hour Live Masterclass: How to create a website that converts. Next Monday, May 20th! Learn more and sign up here.

Tell me, in the comments. Have you been overwhelmed looking for the perfect theme? If so, how can you use today’s blog post to do it differently?


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