You started this online business because you wanted to have more time and freedom to spend more time with your family and doing the things that you love. 


But now you often find yourself busy, doing all the things. 


Of course, you value your commitments so showing up to serve your clients is the #1 priority. 


But you also find yourself doing other tasks in order to run your business. 


Like redesigning your website. Because you know the one you build 3 years ago. Does not represent the successful, grown business women that you are today. 


You know how important having a website is when it comes to succeeding in the online space.


But you and I both know one undeniable truth. 


You’re not tech-savvy!


Websites are not your thing. 


They overwhelm you and frustrate you when you’re not able to get it to look or function the way you want it. 


And after various attempts, you end up feeling deflated. And the energy you once had is gone. And you start worrying if you’re really capable of pulling this off. 


Here’s what you don’t realize. Every hour you spend trying to figure out how to customize that new theme that you just bought. Is one hour wasted that you could have spent, getting on calls, generating leads or writing your next course content? 


Listen you got in this business to have more time and freedom and get paid for what you love to do. 


You didn’t get in business to know it all. 


So here’s a piece of loving advice I always tell my clients before working with me. 


If you’re not a designer, then don’t try to be one. (You’ll be a happier entrepreneur when you focus more on what you like to do.)


Make sure you’re building a business that you love. Not a business in which you’re frustrated and deflated because you’re focusing your energy and time on the wrong things. 


Imagine if you could delegate your website and you could launch before 2021? 


Imagine if you were no longer doubting yourself and your capability to succeed because you were focusing on the right things and making more money because of it. 


Imagine if you can finally experience the freedom of having an online business. 


Yes. It’s possible.

It’s possible to have a website that works for you.


It’s possible to have your vision and dreams met.


It’s possible to find a designer that can gets you.


Let’s design a website that will help you meet your next income level in 2021. 


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