Today I want to give you the next step after you have implemented that strategy on your website.

Because here’s what usually happens on your website.


A browser visits your website, they might read a blog post and get interested in your business. Then they visit your services page and see that what you offer is exactly what they need. Then they may click on your call to action to “Schedule a free call”. After they schedule a free call, they land on a thank you page. And that’s it. It’s a dead end. They close the window and don’t know more about you until the day of the call.


Here’s why this is not good for your business. This ideal customer that is interested in your services does not trust you yet.


This means that is your job to build that trust with them before they even get on call with you.


And how can you do this?


By getting rid of dead ends.

For example, someone lands into the homepage and they opt-in to your main newsletter and then you send them to a thank you page.


What happens after they see the thank you page? Is it a dead-end? What’s next? Do they leave your site or do you have a call to action button that leads them back to your main site or blog?


When you get rid of dead-ends. You give your browser the opportunity to know more about you and see that you are an expert in your field. Also, the more time they spend on your website and get to read your content, the better chance you’ll have to convert them on a free call.


I got a homework for you today.


Do this: Check for any dead-ends on your website, and change it to a call to action that will redirect browsers back to your website.


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Thanks for reading!


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