I want to ask you something…


Are you really talking to your ideal client on your website?


And if you are, or not. How do you know for sure? 


Because sometimes you may think that you are talking to the right person and you’re actually not. 


So today in the blog, I want to tell you one question you can ask yourself to distinguish whether you’re doing the right job at attracting your ideal client on your website. 


But first, let me tell you about my new client. For her privacy, I’ll call her Sarah.


Sarah came to me because she was trying to create a website for a new business that she was creating. 


She already had a brick and mortar business up and running. But this is the first time that she was creating a business online. 


She wanted to help Mental Health Counselors open up their private practice. Because she had opened her own private practice and had experienced more freedom, both financially and time-wise. 


And she now wanted to help other Mental Health Counselors who may be contemplating or are ready to open a private practice and don’t know where to start. 


Ok. She was very clear about her ideal client. 


And yes. This is the first step to attracting clients on your website and converting them into clients. 


You have to be clear of who your ideal client is. 


But being clear on her ideal client didn’t negate the fact that on her website she was not speaking to her ideal client the right way. 


I took a look at what she was creating before deciding to work with me and I saw this first statement on her website:


The Mental Health Counselor’s Place.  Home to LMHCs who are contemplating or ready to build a private practice.”

And don’t get me wrong she was very clear by creating a clear statement that told her ideal audience what she does and who she does it for. 


But then I asked her this question. 


Would you actually speak that way to your ideal client if she was in front of you?


Would you say what you do and who you do it for in this same way if your favorite client was interested in what you had to offer in person?


Her answer was, no.


That’s when I realized that you could be very clear about who you’re talking to but not actually talk to them at all. 


This is mainly because we often want to sound professional or add fancy wording to our website copy so we can feel smart.


But if you could actually let go of the fancy words and the fancy phrases and speak to your ideal client on your website the same way you would speak to them if you we’re face to face with them. Then that’s when you’ll be able to attract your ideal client on your website more effectively. 


It’s no wonder why you see most online entrepreneurs having a difficult time attracting their clients through their website.


And this is the question that I want you to ask yourself every time your writing any piece of copy on your website. 


Would I say this to my ideal client if I was speaking to her face to face?


Now, I would love for you to tell me in the comments. Do you think you’re talking to your ideal client the right way? If not, what piece of content can you change to speak to your ideal client the right way? 


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