Today we’re going to be talking about how to make a connection with your ideal client on your website. 


But first, let me tell you this…


“You are the person with whom your client is making a connection with”. 


Not the website, not the services. 


Your website can have pretty fonts and pretty colors but if it’s not connecting you to your ideal clients then they won’t take any action. 


Therefore they won’t convert. 


Remember the person visiting your website is a human being. And we humans seek connection with other humans. 


So how do we make a connection when we’re not physically present.


Before I get into that let me explain to you something about Branding and websites. 




In other words, Establishing Brand perspectives is one of the most important things you can do in your business. 


But don’t get it twisted. The quality of your design is not dictated by your fonts and colors. The quality of your design is dictated by how well your message is connecting to that ideal client.


It doesn’t matter if you have a high quality design if you’re not making some type of connection.


Here’s how to make a connection with your ideal client: 

1.We go deep into understanding our bigger business perspectives. 


For example, what are you contributing  to the world by being in business? 

2.We get clear and truly believe in our core message. Our mission and what makes us unique. 


Think about the perception that you provide when you have a greater vision in the world than just making money. 

3.We demonstrate expertise in our own unique ways and we position ourselves as leaders of our industry. This doesn’t mean that we know it all. It means that we can be able to guide our clients to achieve their most desired dreams. 


Write this down. :“Even if you are just starting out. You’ll always be ahead of someone who hasn’t started yet.” 

4.We have to believe in our mission and purpose so much that our ideal clients connect with our story and we activate that feeling within them that changes their point of view, their current perspectives on their current problem. 


And how working with us can get them closer to their dreams and desires. 


Today I want you to do it. The hardest work you’ll ever do for your business. I want you to get clear on your core message. I want you to get clear on your bigger business perspectives. 


This is what will help you make that human to human connection even when you’re not physically present. 


I promise that once you do this hard work, everything else gets easier and more clear as you continue on growing your business. 


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