Ever feel guilty to take money from a friend that is needing your services? Or have you discounted your prices so low, just because you feel guilty of charging your friend full price? 


You’re not alone. I’m guilty of doing this too. 


But here’s what happens if we keep doing this in our business. We start resenting the fact that we’re spending so much time, energy, and effort for so little money or no money at all. 


We give away the opportunity to get a paying client or receive the full value of our services. And we also do a disservice to our friends. Because even though it may seem as you’re doing them a favor, you’re not. 


Because when someone has paid full price for a service, they will value your work more and respect you as a business owner. 


But I also get it that you may want to just do this favor for this great friend that you have. And it’s not a bad thing to help someone out. 


But you know what’s even better? 


If you could charge full price and still help someone out.


If you could set boundaries the same you will set boundaries with any other client. 


Today on our Serve & Sell Training session we’re going to go over


  • The importance of setting boundaries in your business (especially with your friends).
  •  How to stop feeling guilty about selling to a friend.
  • How to create a testimonial portfolio without giving all your services for free.

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