Do you sabotage yourself because you lack confidence? 


I think we’ve all been through this. It’s ok my friend. None of us start with a bucket full of confidence.


I think this is something that is not talked about very much in the online space. You see people in the online space giving you strategies and tactical things that you can do to sell and get more clients. 


And that’s why when things are not going as you planned, we think that maybe it’s the strategy or maybe it’s because you’re just not doing it right.


But let me ask you this quick Q.


What if… you couldn’t do business wrong? What if… you couldn’t mess this up in any way? 


Would you keep on working the strategy until it works?


Or will you sabotage yourself because you lack confidence? 


Yet, what I see most often is that we don’t fully work our strategy or see it through for one main reason. 


We sabotage ourselves because we lack confidence. 


Yet, you can’t get confidence from just wishing you were more confident. You have to do the inner work in alignment with the action you’re taking. That’s how confidence works. 


Through doing and believing that you can because you can. 


I help my clients improve their confidence in The Credible Expert Program. 


Today I’m going live to talk to you about: 


  • Why confidence is the #1 thing you should be working on and not another marketing strategy. 
  • The difference between showing up fully and showing up just because…
  • How to start building your confidence and finally stop sabotaging yourself. 


Like I said. None of us start with a bucket full of confidence.


But it is important that you work on building your confidence. Trust me this is never-ending work! But it’s doable. 


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