Do you ever have days that you feel like not waking up?

It’s one of those days when you wake up feeling lousy and just in the mood to even start checking things off your to do list. I totally get it. I have those days too.

In fact, I had that day yesterday morning. I woke up with the most annoying headache. To tell you the truth, it took me about 45 minutes to even get out of bed. That’s how tired I was.  After I finally got my a** up. I went on to the shower and made myself some hot espresso coffee.

While I sat in my living room and drank my coffee, I was still feeling tired and drained. I felt as if I haven’t been sleeping for about a week. Which is weird, cause I have slept my full eight hours that night.

I drank all that coffee, still I felt with no energy to get myself into my working mode and start doing all my to do’s.

In my mind I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with self-doubt and thoughts of not being able to pull this through. This moment has been going on for weeks without me even noticing. It’s really easy to get caught in the lies that we tell ourselves. So watch out, these thoughts can only bring self-doubt and a self-pity mentality.

If continued on this way of thinking can become a habit and turn a never ending cycle.  Which will be devastating for the success of your business.

My goal with today’s post is to have you acknowledge these thoughts and turn them around by asking yourself this one simple question that will break this cycle every time it tries to enter your life.

When you see yourself in a situation where you don’t feel like doing anything, ask yourself this:

What will I loose if I don’t show up and do my best today?

This question will have you thinking of the immediate results that you will have if you don’t show up for your business or life in general.

Will you lose income? Followers? Trust? Time?

It’s really important that you stay aware of what is it that you may lose if you do nothing for that day. I guarantee you that if you ask yourself this question every time you feel like procrastinating. You’ll have a motivating factor to wake up faster and get to work.

I did it yesterday! And it totally worked.

Now if you got a another way to end procrastination for good, I’ll love to hear from you. Tell me in the comments, what do you do to end procrastination.

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