I got something very different for you today.

Yup, it’s a poem! From time to time I like to switch my weekly newsletter to give you something I called “Wisdom Bites”. Which are my thoughts of the week transformed into one inspiring poem.

Today I will like to inspire you to create. For this week I have been fighting the battle to create everyday. That’s why I decided to name this poem “My Battle Of The Day”

My Battle Of The Day

Yup, I create

I create and create and create

I don’t eva know if it’s gonna be seen

or if i’m gonna be heard

But, in fact

I create

it’s my duty

to the world

to my world

I was born to create

i’m an artist

And it does not matter to me

if my creations are not understood

or heard

or praised

or crystallized

you might not even get it

it doesn’t even rhyme

it’s not cute or elegant

or over the top irresistible


for today I can be okay

Because I have sat down to create

And for that reason

I have won my battle of the day.

to create

I hope you liked it. And it can serve you as inspiration to create anything you desire for yourself.

I’ll also love to hear what are your thoughts when its comes down to creating? Are you experiencing any type of resistance when it comes down to sitting down and create your art?

Did you love this poem? Then share with another artist you know that may need some inspiration. The’ll appreciate it.

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