For the past few months I have been dedicated to creating content that will give you the best value.

And I had this idea of giving free mini audit videos for so long, and I finally got myself to do it.

And I gotta say. I’m loving it!

That’s why today I started a series of featured blog posts called “THE MINI AUDITS”.

These are behind the scenes look at how I help my clients create websites that increase their conversion rates.

These are real people who have submitted their website so I can give them a free mini audit.

I will be doing these audits once per month. And this is not hand selected. So you can have a chance to get a mini audit too.

Ok. So here’s very first mini audit.

I want you to meet Ellen Wyoming Deloy.

She is a consultant and coach for professional women.

She gives mission-driven people a framework to advance their initiatives so they emerge confident, focused, and effective.

She submitted her form because she has recently made changes to her website and needs clarity around attracting her ideal client.

She feels that her website is too wordy and wants to know what changes she can make to improve her conversions.

Check out her mini audit here.



In this audit we go over:

1. How to attract your ideal client before the fold (on the first 3 seconds of people visiting your site).

2. How to speak to your ideal client in a way that connects, so she can be able to say yes to what you’re offering.

3. How to break down your website copy so her ideal client knows exactly what to do next and take action fast.

Now, in the comments, Let me know what is your #1 take away from this mini audit? And what changes can you make to speak to your ideal client in a way that connects and resonates?

Do you want your personalized free mini audit?

Here’s how it works:

When you submit your website for a free mini audit here, you’ll be put in my queue. When I get to your website. I’ll be sending you a personal link to the audit and then I’ll be featuring the video and your website in my blog.

So you get a chance to get the best of both worlds. You get immense value from knowing what changes you can make to be able to attract, connect and drive action on your website. And you’ll also get the chance to be featured in my blog and increase your visibility by getting in front of my audience.

And just so you know. I won’t be giving you cookie cutter advice about changing your color and fonts. I’m giving you the real and to the point advice that will help you increase your conversion rates on your website!

Psst. Enjoyed the mini audits and looking for more in depth advice on how to increase your conversion rates?

Grab a spot at my full website audits here. I have only 2 spots left for the month of December. So make sure you grab a spot so you can start 2020 with a website that works for you and that converts on repeat!

Thank you for being here!



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