A few weeks back, I was talking to my boyfriend and I asked him a direct question. I was puzzled because he didn’t seem like he wanted to answer my question. I did something very clever that I have found very helpful when he seems to not want to open up to me and just talk.

I also found that this thing that I learned with him, helped me alot to connect with my clients and understand their needs, which at the end helped to me to better serve them.

And I want to share it with you. But first let me ask you this…

Do you ever get annoyed when your boyfriend or significant other doesn’t open up to you. I get it, it’s like you just want to start yelling at him/her for not wanting talk it out.

I am a person that believes that for there to be a relationship, there should be a mutual and truthful communication between the two partners.

But what can you do when you can’t get him to speak about his problems, so you can see if you are able to help him?

Believe it or not the secret strategy is to ask him what you want to know and stay completely silent.


Because when you ask a direct question and he doesn’t seem to have an answer right away, then it’s likely that you might start naggin’ him. Know this, You’ll never get what you want when you’re complaining and yelling all the time.

Its simple, just ask the question and listen carefully to what he has to say.

They key is to stay silent.

Just be patient and give him/her time to answer.

This is exactly what I did. And till today it still works. Not only with my boyfriend but with my clients too. By asking a question and staying silent, I allowed my client time to think about their answer and truly express what they really wanted. This silent time gave me the opportunity to really listen to their desires and pinpoint what direction they wanted me to take them towards.

“To be a great listener, you must allow silence to enter the conversation” Tweet this.

Today I want you to think about taking this approach “TO BE A GREAT LISTENER”, whenever you want to know anything from anyone, even if it’s a client a friend or your significant other. Allowing silence to enter the conversation, will make a huge difference in your life and business. I promise!

Now I’ll love for you to give me some insights on how today’s article has served you best?

I hope see you in the comments.

If you loved today’s post then share it with your family and friends. They might get the benefit from listening too.

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