I want to let you know… that…




I know that this year has been tough. And that there were a lot of ups and downs and mixing of emotions. COVID-19 happened and struck us without any remorse. 


I experienced it first hand. Since I work in the hospital and had to see all the horrific things that happened there.


But on the bright side. If you are reading this email. You have made through a tough year! And now you know that you can handle anything that comes your way.


Like a I said…




That’s why I want you to look at 2021 with new possibilities of growth, empowerment and evolution for you!



Take what you have learned from 2020 and make it mean something. 


  • Voice your opinion! 
  • Contribute to BLACK LIVES MATTER!
  • Go against the Status Quo
  • Make your message something that the world needs to hear.


Because if there is something that I know for sure is that….



What you have to say and what you are here to contribute to the world MATTERS.


That’s why when my clients come to me to help them with their website. I help them discover their voice, their brand message.


Because it does not matter that you have pretty fonts or colors. If you don’t have a message. You are not going to attract the people that you are meant to attract. 


Your people need to hear you and experience you.




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