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Now, I have a question for you! 


Are you feeling stuck? Like you know what you should be doing to have momentum in your business but you’re just not doing it?


If so…Today’s topic is dedicated to you.


Here’s how you can start having some momentum in your business and see some results sooner rather than later. 


It’s not a secret. 




Let’s be real for a minute. You have been procrastinating on the things you know you should be doing to see the results. Because you’re waiting. 


  • Waiting to have that “certification”.
  • Waiting to feel motivated.
  • Waiting to feel empowered.
  • Waiting to feel ready….


The truth is… You’re never going to be ready. 


Of course, maybe having the certification can give you the confidence to know what you’re doing. But even then, you won’t be fully ready. Why, because until you do the thing you were resisting. You won’t feel ready. 


So here’s a bit of so-called “Motivation advice”.


Stop waiting till you’re ready. 


Instead, do it before you’re ready. And then you’ll be ready. 


Why cause the thing that you’re procrastinating on, doesn’t care if you’re ready.


Of course, you’ll feel more confident by offering a service you truly know can deliver the results for your clients.


But if you didn’t start before that offer was fully ready. Then you will never get it out to the world and actually see if it delivers on its promise. 


So my dear friend. 


Tell me in the comments. 


What have you been putting off, because you’ve been waiting for it to be ready, or to feel ready? And can you make a commitment to just start, and do it before you’re ready?


If this is something where you truly feel that you are getting stuck more often than not. Then I encourage you to get some support by grabbing a free coaching session with me. 


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