I was on a business retreat in San Antonio. And I gotta say! It’s a magical experience. 


Me and my coach were having a conversation on why do you need a website today more than ever. 


And to tell you the truth. You don’t need a website to help you market and sell. In fact, I’m so sold on the idea that you don’t need a website at all to be a successful entrepreneur. 


And don’t get me wrong. I am a web designer. And at the beginning I tended to believe that having a web presence was important to be able to make the big bucks.


But the more I’m in business and I see the reality of how I get clients and how other entrepreneurs get clients and make more money. 


The more I see that ideal clients don’t usually come to your website and buy without you doing the front end marketing and establishing a relationship. 


When an ideal client is ready to buy off your website, they have already made a connection with you even before coming to your website. 


So, what’s all the buzz about having a beautiful website if they don’t actually buy from you when they visit. 


Here’s the thing….


People come to your website to see what credibility you have for what you’re saying you’re an expert on.


And although the website is not the first thing a client see’s before they buy. It becomes a credible source in which they reinforce their buying decision. 


So here’s where it can get a little tricky. Truth: You don’t need a website to be successful in business. But you do need a website to establish yourself as the credible expert. 


Establishing yourself as the credible expert is what ultimately can create sustainability in your business. 


Now, my question to you is…


Would you want someone to go to your website right now? 


And does your website showcase you as the credible expert that you say you are?


If not, then we should talk now.


Let’s help you create a website strategy that helps you position yourself as the credible expert. 


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