I’m so glad you’re here. 

Have you ever thought….

If I only were in the right relationship, in the perfect house, with lots of money in the bank. Then there would be nothing holding me back. 

Or maybe you feel restricted, by the limited time you have. Because there’s your baby/ies that you have to care of.

If this is you then,

Today I have a message for you. 

“There’s nothing holding you back”

See I have been the person that has blamed my lack of success on everything and everyone other than myself. 

I have been projecting my feelings of insecurity and the lack of self-love on other things because either, I’m not in the right relationship, or I’m not where I’m supposed to be because of this and that…

There have been so many things, and so many reasons why I have been quoted “held back”. And today I want to dismantle this lie. And Just call it out on what it really is total bullshit. 

Yes, it’s bullshit. Because you are the one who are responsible for all the results that you have in your life till now. And yes you are the only one responsible for the results that you generate 90 days a year or ten years from now. 

And once you realize that for yourself. You’ll see how more creative you become. How much serving you do and how much results you get from taking action from a place of within. 

Everything flows, and no more does the road to success feels hard. 

It’s ok. If your path to success doesn’t seem like it’s happening right now. 

Because you know that nothing is holding you back. 

And that means that there is no more time spent on the fact that you’re husband is not supporting you in your dreams, or that you just have so much on your plate. 

Because now you have the power. The power to take action on what you love and are inspired to create.

You got this.

Now just consider for a moment. What if nothing was holding me back today. What will I create? How would I feel about what I’m creating. And what would you share with your audience today?

I hope this message has served you well. 

Thanks for being here!


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